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How can you stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite?

May 29, 2020
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Are you looking for information on how you can stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom? Well, read on for all you need to know about this magical spot.

You may have heard of the mythical Cinderella Castle Suite at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. You may also be wondering how you can stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite. Though it’s not available for bookings unless you’re a major celebrity or lucky prize winner, it doesn’t mean that you can’t satisfy your curiosity with a tour or photographs!

Previously a multi-purpose utility space in the park that was converted by the Imagineers in 2006, the suite soon became a Disney-lover’s dream that has become an unobtainable fantasy by many. In a surprisingly short number of years, this suite has gained major wish-list status and is exceedingly difficult to gain access to (even harder than the famous Club 33!). So, it’s not difficult to see why people wonder “how can you stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite”?

disneyworld castle

How you can stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite?

Now, this wouldn’t be a post on how you can stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite without mentioning how, or whether, you can book in! Unfortunately, we’ll have to burst that wonderful Disney bubble, as a Cinderella Castle Suite reservation is something that not even money can buy. As previously mentioned, it was initially used as an amazing prize for The Year of a Million Dreams in 2007, where a select few lucky guests were able to stay in the suite. However, this prize (as you might have guessed!), ended in 2008 and with it, the great question as to how you can stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite.

Though Disney no longer runs the Million Dreams prize, it has chosen a few select families to stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite and they do sometimes run sweepstakes that include a stay in the suite as a prize. Occasionally, Disney offers the suite to celebrities, and the last known people to stay there were Kevin Jonas and his wife on their first wedding anniversary in 2010.

If you’re disappointed that you can’t stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite, a look inside the Cinderella Castle Suite is certainly possible. Located on the fourth floor of the castle and only accessible via a special elevator, it comes in at 650 square feet. So, it’s not enormous but absolutely packs in the charm.

The bedroom comes with two lovely Queen-sized beds and an ornate fireplace. If you look above the fireplace, you’ll see a great portrait of Cinderella that’s been painted in the style of the 1600s. However, the magic doesn’t stop there, as this painting is actually a flat-screen TV. Talk about multi-purpose!

how can I stay in the cinderella castle suite
Photograph credit: Disney Parks

The Cinderella Castle Suite bathroom has a large garden tub that has stained glass windows and a stunning starry ceiling. Arguably the most standout section of the suite, this is definitely worth a look-in.

cinderella castle suite disneyworld bathroom
Photograph credit: Disney Parks

Though it’s somewhat surprising, you won’t actually get the best views of the Magic Kingdom from the suite. As most of the windows are small and made from stained glass, you’ll struggle to pick out your favorite attractions from here. However, we must say that the inside is much more interesting than what’s outside if you’re lucky enough to stay here!


You can go on a guided tour of the castle suite, (it’s a VIP experience that can be enjoyed by you and a maximum of six guests), and this special tour is named the World of Dreams tour. Using backstage entrances that are usually utilized by celebrities to get them on rides ahead of others, you’ll also get an intimate look backstage at Disney World. So, you’ll honestly soon lose interest in asking how you can stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite.

Though a tour of the Cinderella Castle Suite is not the only experience available on the World of Dreams Tour, it is usually the most popular. However, should you choose to expand your horizons, you can choose from any experience at the Walt Disney World parks as well as a great seat at any Walt Disney World show or spectacular.

However, before you get too excited, make sure you heed the price of the World of Dreams Tour, as it’s an important sector of this guide to all you need to know about the Cinderella Castle Suite. The World of Dreams tour clocks in at a staggering $12,000, and if you want to head on the tour for multiple days, each additional day will cost you $10,000.

Now, if money happens to be no object, then you’ll get the ultimate Disney treatment and plenty of pixie dust to boot! However, it must be noted that you’ll still need to purchase Walt Disney World tickets if you’re going on the tour, so bear that in mind!

Looking for more?

If you fancy a guided tour of the Cinderella Castle Suite, be sure to check out this post! Offering a great visual guide to the suite through several YouTube videos, it provides (almost) all the magic that you are unable to get from staying there yourself!

I hope that this guide to the Cinderella Castle Suite in Disney World has been helpful. Don’t be too downhearted. Though you may have come in asking “how can you stay in the Cinderella Castle Suite” and expected a slightly more promising booking option, there’s plenty of magic to be found at Disney’s many other hotels! So, buck up and explore and I’m sure you’ll find your magical overnight stay.

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