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How Much Does Disney Spend on Fireworks? The Exact Figures.

December 7, 2023

Did you know that Disney is the second largest purchaser of explosive devices in the world? With that in mind, you might be wondering “how much does Disney spend on fireworks?”.

Well, it’s a lot – but you’ll want to stick with me to find out those exact figures!

I’ll even run you through exactly how Disney turns this super expensive nightly show into a way to make MORE money.

How Much Does Disney Spend on Fireworks?

Disney spends around $40,000 to $50,000 on its nightly firework displays around the world (that’s for EACH park!).

From Disneyland Paris’s Disney Dreams to Walt Disney World’s Happily Ever After, these incredible pyrotechnic displays are pricey.

If you consider Magic Kingdom’s average attendance levels, we can even figure out how much each person pays for the display.

It’s a bit of a roundabout calculation, but it’s an interesting way to look at the cost vs. benefit of the nightly fireworks.

So, let’s say that Magic Kingdom sees around 20.96 million visitors every year. Per day, that’s an average of 57,424 guests.

If we divide the cost of the fireworks between the number of people attending per day, you’ll be paying around 0.87% of your ticket towards the fireworks!

Now, that’s SO worth it.

And believe it or not, Disney is ac

Are Disney Firework Displays Profitable?

You might be wondering how Disney possibly claws back the major investment from its fireworks.

Well, it’s all down to clever merchandise placement and keeping guests in the park as long as possible.

For example, you’ll often see merch carts packed with light-up ears, whizzing light-up wands, and bubble toys.

These aren’t necessarily designed specifically FOR the fireworks, but the dark atmosphere encourages you to buy them.

If you consider that each toy is priced anywhere from $15 to $30, just a few thousand guests stopping by the carts would cover the cost of the display.

But that’s not the only way Disney makes money by keeping you around for the fireworks.

If you’re staying until closing, you’ll need dinner (and maybe a snack or two!).

So, you’ll find more guests shoving down $5 churros, cups of Dole Whip, and full meals at sit-down restaurants like Be Our Guest.

Many of the food stalls are cleverly placed around Main Street to keep you near the fireworks displays (snack while you wait, anyone?).

For that reason, it’s very easy to get guests spending.

When you throw in the constant delicious scents wafting from the Disney Smellitizers, guests are going to be running for a snack!

I also personally think that the epic fireworks display at the end of the night makes people pay more for an entry ticket.

With tickets hitting record highs after 2023 with inflation (and Disney price bumps!), keeping the tickets “worth it” is key.

And honestly, there’s nowhere that does fireworks quite like Disney

Where Does Disney Store Their Fireworks?

Disney stores their fireworks in a huge warehouse near Orlando airport. They only purchase them once a year and bring them to the parks each day before they’re set off!

There you have it: the ultimate answer to the question “how much does Disney spend on fireworks!”.

Did you expect the figure to be more or less than this? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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