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The Disneyland Paris Dragon: Everything You Need to Know

May 29, 2020
disneyland Paris dragon

Have you ever wondered what lurks beneath the ornate castle at Disneyland Paris? Well, look no further, for this post looks to uncover all you need to know about the elusive Disneyland Paris Dragon!

You may or may not have heard, but there’s a secret lying directly underneath Disneyland Paris’s iconic castle. It’s one of the hidden Disneyland Paris attractions that not everyone knows about – The Disneyland Paris Dragon (otherwise known as La Tanière Du Dragon!).

If you didn’t know, this is the only Disney park in the world to feature an animatronic dragon underneath the castle. It’s enormous, moves seamlessly, and is surprisingly scary!

Whether you’re planning to visit the parks or simply want to discover some incredible Disneyland Paris secrets, this post should cover everything you need to know about the Disneyland Paris Dragon.

What Is the Disneyland Paris Dragon?

La Tanière du Dragon is a simple walk-through attraction that packs a massive punch.

Tucked away underneath Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, the Disneyland Paris Dragon is a true animatronic marvel.

Well, maybe.

Part of what makes Disneyland Paris special is the Imagineering attention to detail, and this attraction is a testament to that very claim.

This 27-meter-long dragon was the largest animatronic figure ever built when the park was opened in 1992 and remains a sight to behold today.

Though animatronic figures have come on somewhat since the creation of the Disneyland Paris Dragon, it is still an incredible feat.

The walkthrough consists of a dimly lit cavern, and for the most part, acts as a viewing platform for a relatively sentient dragon.

However, occasionally, the dragon will wake up and puff smoke at visitors. You just need to be patient and wait for it to happen!

disneyland Paris dragon
Photograph credit: Disneyland Paris

How Do I Find the Disneyland Paris Dragon?

You can either find the Disneyland Paris Dragon by entering through a pathway by Adventureland or through the popular glassblowing shop in Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.

If you’re going through the glassblowing shop, there’s a dedicated passageway just to the side of the castle that leads through to Fantasyland.

Are There Any Queues?

As this attraction is a walkthrough, there are no queues to get in, and it’s a nice way to while away some time if you’re finding yourself needing to escape the elements.

Are There Any Rules I Need to Follow?

The attraction is simple, but be mindful when exploring.

Due to the realism of the dragon and the amazing work of the Imagineers, the dragon could be quite frightening for younger visitors.

If you have easily spooked kids that may become scared in the presence of a large dragon, it may be best to give this one a miss!

However, even if you’re traveling alone, be sure to give people plenty of room so that everyone can enjoy the magic of the resident Disneyland Paris Dragon!

If you want to see the Disneyland Paris Dragon in action, why not check out this awesome YouTube video?

It gives you some clear views of the attraction if you’re not able to visit or live abroad!

Top Tips for Visiting the Disneyland Paris Dragon

  • Don’t use flash! The attraction is dimly lit and this will disturb other guests.
  • Don’t be tempted to throw coins or anything else into the pool.
  • You may need to wait a few minutes for the dragon to move. You’ll want to wait around for this as it’s simply spectacular.

I hope that this brief guide to the Disneyland Paris Dragon has been helpful.

Whether you’ve seen this mythical beast before or are looking for lesser-known attractions and Disneyland Paris tips, this is a must-visit!

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