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60 Incredible Soul Movie Quotes to Make You Think

September 21, 2022

Are you searching for incredible Soul movie quotes that will help you put your life in perspective? Keep reading for my top picks!

When I first watched Pixar’s Soul, I was blown away by how many intense topics it covered. Touching on everything from unfulfilled dreams to what happens after you die, the movie was a serious rollercoaster ride that got me thinking about how grateful I was for the life I have.

If you’re looking for poignant Soul movie quotes that will touch your heart, I suggest you keep scrolling.

Trust me, it’s worth it!

What is Pixar’s Soul About?

Considering Soul is a Disney Pixar movie that’s suitable for both adults and children, it’s an incredibly deep and emotional flick.

It follows the story of Joe Gardner who is a middle-school band teacher who has always dreamed of playing the piano in a jazz band.

Unfortunately for him, things haven’t quite gone to plan.

Early on in the movie, he gets the chance to audition for a famous group fronted by Dorothea Williams.

Image: © 2020 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

The audition goes incredibly well, but he manages to fall down a manhole right after the audition and is transported to a spirit realm that is supposed to take him to the Great Beyond.

But as he has some unresolved issues, he can’t quite make the leap.

There are so many amazing Soul movie quotes that truly make you think about what it means to be alive.

Here are a few of my favorite picks that will make you laugh, cry, and think about how grateful you are to be alive.

Best Soul Movie Quotes

1. Joe: “Is this Heaven?”

Jerry: “No, it’s the Great Before. This is where new souls get their personalities, quirks, and interests before they go to Earth.”

2. “This is New York City; you don’t stop in the middle of the street!” – Joe

3. “Don’t worry – you can’t crush a soul here. That’s what life on earth is for.” – 22

4. “Life is full of possibilities. You just need to know where to look.” – Joe

5. “I’m not dying the very day I got my shot. I’m due. Heck, I’m overdue!” – Joe

6. Joe: “What is this place?”

22: “You know how when you humans are really into something, and it feels like you’re in another place? Feels like you’re in the zone, right?”

Joe: “Yeah…”

22: “Well, this is the zone. It’s the space between the physical and spiritual.”

7. “You know, lost souls are not that different from those in the zone. The zone is enjoyable, but when that joy becomes an obsession, one becomes disconnected from life.” – Moonwind

Image: © 2020 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

8. “Life is full of possibilities. You just need to know where to look. Don’t miss out on the joys of life.” – Joe

9. “Joe, I have been here for who knows how long, and I’ve never seen anything that’s made me wanna live. And then you come along. Your life is sad and pathetic and you’re working so hard to get back to it! Why? I mean, this I gotta see!” – 22

10. “I can’t believe I am getting romantic advice from an unborn soul.” – Joe

11. Jerry: “So, what do you think you’ll do?”

Joe: “I’m not sure. But I do know I’m going to live every minute of it.”

12. “Lost souls are obsessed by something that disconnects them from life.” – Moonwind

13. “All the times I’ve been so close to getting to my dreams. – something always gets in the way.” – Joe

14. “I just let her walk a mile in my shoes, you can say.” – Joe

Soul Movie Quotes About Music

Image: © 2020 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

15. “My mom has her own idea what success is and being a musician isn’t it.” – Joe

16. “I would die a happy man if I could perform with Dorothea Williams” – Joe

17. “Music is all I think about. From the moment I wake up in the morning to the moment I fall asleep at night” – Joe

18. “I was born to play.” – Joe

19. “It’s my reason for living.” – Joe

20. “The tune is just an excuse to bring out the you.” – Joe

21. “I know all about sparks because mine is piano.” – Joe

23. “I don’t like music sounds. Feels like a little too much.” – 22

24. “My only purpose on this planet was to play. It was what I was meant to do and no one is going to stop me.” – Joe

25. Joe: “That guy was lost in the music. He was in it and he took the rest of us with him. And I want to learn how to talk like that. That’s when I knew I was born to play. Connie knows what I mean. Right, Connie?”

Connie: “I’m 12.”

26. “You hated music until you were in my body, you hated everything until you were me.” – Joe

Funny Soul Movie Quotes

27. “We didn’t struggle giving you an education so you can be a middle-aged man washing your underwear in my shop.” – Libba

28. “Watch this. I’ve been messing with this team for decades.” – 22

“And the Knicks lose another one.” – Announcer

29. “Sorry Connie but Joe can’t do it today. I mean me, me can’t do it today.” – 22 as Joe

30. “You’re out there somewhere little soul. And I’m gonna find ya.” – Terry

31. “What can I say, Joe? Earth is boring.” – 22

Image: © 2020 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

32. “Seriously, stay away from those processed foods.” – Terry

33. “I grabbed a couple road lollis.” – 22

34. “The fire is so pretty. I kind of want to let it spread.” – 22

35. “By the time I got to mentor number 266, I was seriously asking “what is all the fuss about?”. Like is all this living really worth dying for? You know what I mean?” – 22

36. “Life is so unfair. I don’t want to die. Somebody call the whambulance. Wah!” – 22

37 “I’ve only been a person for an hour and even I know that’s a bad idea.” – 22

38. “Like my mentor George Orwell used to say, “State-sponsored education is like the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket.” – 22

39. “Don’t miss out on the joys of life. Like, uh – pizza! I can’t smell. We can’t…we can’t taste either?” – Joe

40. “I have compassion for every soul. Expect you. I don’t like you.” – Mother Teresa’s soul to 22

41. “The world doesn’t revolve around you, 22!” – Copernicus’s soul to 22

42. “You are the greatest – pain in the butt!” – Muhammad Ali’s soul to 22

43. “Nobody can help you! Nobody!” – Marie Antoinette’s soul to 22

44. “Stop talking! My unconscious mind hates you!” – Carl Jung’s soul to 22

45. “If there’s one thing I’m not, it’s a liar. Unlike Abraham Lincoln.” – 22

46. Joe: “Who are you?”

Jerry: “I am the coming together of all quantized fields of the universe appearing in a form your feeble human brain can comprehend.”

Joe: “What?

Jerry: “You can call me Jerry.”

Image: © 2020 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

47. “22, you come out of this dimension right now!” –Jerry

48. Joe: “This is where personalities come from?”

Jerry: “Of course. Do you think people are just born with them?”

49. “Hmm – that’s weird, the count’s off. There’s a soul missing.” – Terry

Emotional Soul Movie Quotes

50. “I’m just afraid that if I died today my life would have amounted to nothing.” – Joe

51. “Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Help! I’m not done. Oh my goodness!” – Joe

52. “Can you help me get back? Come on!” – Joe

53. “My life was meaningless.” – Joe

54. “I’ve had thousands of mentors who failed and now hate me.” – 22

Image: © 2020 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

55. “The truth is I’ve always worried that maybe there’s something wrong with me. Maybe I’m not good enough for living.” – 22

56. Libba: “You can’t eat dreams for breakfast, Joey.”

Joe: “Then I don’t want to eat at all.”

56. “This can’t happen. I’m not dying today. Not when my life just started.” – Joe

57. Joe: “You ready?”

22: “Huh?”

Joe: “To come live…”

22: “I’m scared, Joe. I’m not good enough. Anyway, I never got my spark.”

Joe: “Yes, you did. Your spark isn’t your purpose. That last box fills in when you’re ready to come live. And the thing is, you’re pretty great at jazzing.”

22: “But Joe, this means you won’t get to…”

Joe: “It’s ok. I already did. Now it’s your turn. I’ll go with you.”

22: “You know you can’t do that.”

Joe: “I know. But I’ll go as far as I can.”

Image: © 2020 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

58. “Is all this living really worth dying for? People like him just bring other people down so they can make themselves feel better. He’s just criticizing me to cover up the pain of his own failed dreams.” – 22 as Joe

59. 22 as Joe: “My mom has never understood what I’m trying to do with my life.”

Libba: “What did you just say?”

22 as Joe: “Because it seems like no matter what I do you disapprove.”

 Libba: “Look, I know you love playing…”

22 as Joe: “Then how come except for church you’re the happiest when I don’t?”

60. “It’s not often we find ourselves inspired. So, we all decided to give you a second chance.” – Jerry

FAQs About the Soul Movie

What is the main message of the Soul movie?

It’s basically trying to tell you that life is more about personal ambition.

Instead, it’s about meaningful connections, appreciating the little things, and understanding that there’s power in living a normal life.

Essentially, we’re already more than enough just being ourselves!

What did 22 become in Soul?

22 finally becomes an Earthling after realizing that she does want to be alive after all!

What is the Spark in Soul?

The “spark” is talked about frequently in Soul, and it represents the special focus we have as a soul or why we want to be alive.

It isn’t a purpose (as Joe believes!), but it’s what keeps us ticking.

What does Joe tell his mother he is afraid of in Soul?

He says that he’s worried not reaching his goal would mean he amounts to nothing.

There you have it: an ultimate list of Soul movie quotes that will get you thinking!

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