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June 29, 2020
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Are you looking for campsites near Disneyland Paris? Well, read ahead for my recommendations!

Sometimes, a hotel isn’t always the best option when visiting Disneyland Paris. In some cases, pitching a tent and taking in your surroundings is the perfect way to unwind after a hectic day in the parks.

So, whether you’re a fan of the Great Outdoors or simply want to know what’s on offer accommodation-wise in Serris, be sure to get stuck into this list of campsites near Disneyland Paris!

Le Chêne Gris Campsite

This is the campsite near Disneyland that has received the official label of ‘Hébergement de Proximité’ from the parks themselves. This essentially means that it has received the Disneyland Paris seal of approval! Just 25 minutes away from the parks by car, it provides mobile glamping options as well as a classic tent option. With outdoor pools, covered pools, and entertainment options on-site, it’s a great place to stay for families that love being one with nature. Another great aspect of this campsite is that all facilities are centrally located, meaning that parents needn’t worry about their little ones running off!

Photo Credit: Iris Parc


If you’re traveling with kids, then Fredland campsite should be at the top of your list. Though it’s a decent distance from Disneyland Paris, it is still one of the best campsites near Disneyland Paris on account of its amenities. With a heated outdoor pool, playground, and great paddling pool areas for toddlers, this place really is perfect for the entire family.

If you worry about your kids getting bored once that day of Disney magic is over, never fear. At Fredland, there are so many activities that there will truly never be a dull moment!

Photograph: CAPFUN

La Village Parisien

Located within easy reach of Disneyland Paris, this campsite is right beside the River Marne in the Île-de-France region. With a large outdoor pool, a smaller indoor one, a minigolf course and a section specifically for small children, this site was built with the family in mind. Another plus? You can book your park tickets right onsite, which saves you the potentially arduous queue at the gates!

If you don’t fancy grabbing a bite to eat in the parks, then there are several great restaurants within the campsite’s vicinity. With a luxury feel that will make you feel right at home, La Village Parisien is one of the top campsites near Disneyland Paris to consider for your next trip.


International De Jablines

Located only 9km from Disneyland Paris (and 30km from the city), this campsite is extremely popular due to its calm setting and natural beauty. Offering camping pitches and mobile homes, International de Jablines is absolutely one of the best campsites near Disneyland Paris. This particular campsite offers a host of water-based activities during the summer months such as water skiing, waterboarding, and more. However, the fun doesn’t stop there. If you’ve got the day off from park-hopping, be sure to check out the stunning wildlife or hit the golf course.

One of the most popular local campsites near Disneyland Paris on account of its offered activities, it should definitely be considered as one of your accommodation options.

Camping Club Le Parc de Paris

Located within 30 minutes of Disneyland Park, Camping Club Le Parc de Paris is the perfect choice for those looking to visit multiple Parisian attractions. With an onsite food shop, snack bar and playground, this particular campsite near Disneyland Paris is absolutely packed with amenities.

This campsite is particularly good for park guests as it allows you to sort your attraction tickets prior to your arrival at Disneyland. Offered as a perk in return for your stay, it might make your trip just that little bit less stressful.

Camping Club Le Parc de Paris campsites near disneyland
Photograph: Pitchup

Nesles la Vallée – Le Grand Paris

If you’re looking for a campsite that just exudes calm and tranquility, then this is the one to choose. One of the best campsites near Disneyland Paris, this place is absolutely huge. With the campsite taking up 6 hectares that provide excellent views of the 4,500 meter-squared lake, you certainly won’t regret booking this oasis. With tents or mobile homes on offer, you’re sure to find an accommodation option that suits you. This is a 4-star site that leans more towards glamping than camping, so be aware of that before you book!

Due to its proximity to the lake, you’ll even be able to head out on the water and fish should you wish to! If you’re more of the relax-after-a-Disney-day types, then simply collapse in front of the TV and put your favorite Disney movie on. With a number of activities on offer that are completely separate from the parks, it’s almost like you get two vacations for the price of one!

Based on location, proximity to the parks and extra-curricular activities on offer, these are absolutely the best campsites near Disneyland Paris to take a look at for your next trip. So, whether you’re a self-confessed glamper or like to get back to basics in a simple tent setup, you’re sure to find a site you’ll love amongst these picks.

Why Should You Go Camping at Disneyland Paris?

I’m a huge fan of going camping near Disneyland Paris as you’ll be slightly outside of the main Paris bubble.

For one thing, you can use it as a base for driving to far-flung spots like Bordeaux or Dordogne without missing out on Disney Magic.

As trust me, spending that much on a Disneyland or Paris-based hotel will set you back a lot for several days.

But it also lets you escape from the Disney bubble for a few days at a time, turning your Disneyland trip into a full-blown exploration of France.

Now how’s that for a trip to remember?

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