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33 Russell from Up Quotes to Make You Laugh Out Loud!

August 16, 2023

Are you looking for a handful of Russell from Up quotes to carry you through a difficult week? Let’s explore the wilderness and uncover this lovable character’s most hilarious sayings!

Now, we’d all be lying if we said we didn’t shed a tear or two in the first 4 minutes of Pixar’s 2009 masterpiece Up.

I mean, talk about building us up just to tear us right back down again with a heartbreaking love story.

What makes Up so incredibly special is that it’s all about human emotions, life, commitment, and finding happiness in new experiences.

And realistically, we can all relate to that!

But amidst the relationship of Carl and Ellie (and Carl’s promise to visit Paradise Falls!), we find Russell!

This charming and slightly irritating little boy ends up in Carl Frederickson’s house as they fly to Paradise Falls.

Adventure ensues along with a whole list of memorable Russell from Up quotes that’ll have you laughing out loud!

So, if you want to revisit the best Russell from Up quotes, I’ve got you covered with ALL the best ones.

From quips about Kevin to his spiel about being in Tribe 54, they’re all here!

After all, the wilderness MUST be explored, right?!

Who is Russell from Up?

Image Credit: Disney Pixar All Rights Reserved

Russell is the secondary protagonist in Pixar’s Up and is an adorable Wilderness Explorer who accompanies Carl to Paradise Falls.

He’s a touch hyperactive and anxious, but he’s also fun-loving and curious (which makes him slightly annoying to Carl!).

Russell is also slightly overweight, which might explain his love of chocolate and candy!

Although Carl finds Russell difficult to begin with, he shares a lot of the same adventurous spirit as his late wife Ellie.

So, they eventually form a great grandfather/grandson relationship that benefits them both.

Is Russell from Up Based on a Real Person?

Russell from Up is actually modeled after the Pixar storyboard artist Peter Sohn who’s Korean-American.

So, Russell is designed to look Asian-American.

It’s worth mentioning that his exact ethnicity isn’t outlined, but it’s easy to assume that he’s probably Chinese, Korean, or Japanese-American.

Best Russell from Up Quotes

1. Carl Fredricksen: Hey, let’s play a game. It’s called “See Who Can Be Quiet the Longest”.

Russell: Cool! My mom loves that game!

2. “That might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most.”

3. Russell: [reading from his scout handbook in monotone] Good afternoon. My name is Russell, and I am a Wilderness Explorer in Tribe 54, Sweat Lodge 12. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?

Carl Fredricksen: No.

Russell: I could help you cross the street.

Carl Fredricksen: No.

Russell: I could help you cross your yard.

Carl Fredricksen: No.

Russell: I could help you cross your… porch?

Carl Fredricksen: No.

Russell: Well, I gotta help you cross *something*!

4. Russell: [Whining] I’m tired! My knee hurts!

Carl Fredricksen: Which knee?

Russell: …My elbow hurts!

5. [Carl, with his house high in the air, hears a knock at the door and finds Russell on the front porch] Russell: Hi, Mr. Fredricksen! It’s me, Russell!

Carl Fredricksen: What are you doing out here, kid?

Russell: I found the snipe and I followed it under your porch, but this snipe had a long tail and looked more like a large mouse. [Russell’s Wilderness Explorers flag blows away in the wind]

Russell: Please let me in.

6. [Carl just saved Russell, tied to a chair, from falling to his death off Muntz’ Airship, and leaves him on the porch]

Russell: But I want to help!

Carl Fredricksen: I don’t want your help. I want you safe.

7. Russell: A wilderness explorer is a friend to all, be a plant or fish or tiny mole!

Carl Fredricksen: That doesn’t even rhyme!

Russell: [offended] Yeah it does.

Russell: [points to Kevin] I found the snipe!

Carl Fredricksen: [amused] Oh, did you now? [chuckles]

Russell: Are they tall?

Carl Fredricksen: Oh, yes. They’re very tall.

Russell: Do they have a lot of colors?

Carl Fredricksen: They do, indeed!

Russell: Do they like chocolate?

Carl Fredricksen: Ye… chocolate? [he turns around and sees Kevin]

Carl Fredricksen: Gaah! What is that thing?

8. Russell: [off screen in the jungle] Mr. Fredricksen? Am I supposed to dig the hole before or after?

Carl Fredricksen: Nyaa! None of my concern!

Russell: [after a pause] Oh… It’s before!

Carl Fredricksen: Nyaa! [covers his ears and shakes his head]

9. Russell: [Carl and Russell find Dug in a South American desert; Russel pets him] Hey, I like dogs!

Carl Fredricksen: [calling out] We have your dog!

10. Russell: [Dug walks around Russell] Whoa.

Carl Fredricksen: I wonder who he belongs to? Russell: Sit, boy. [Dug sits] Russell: Hey look, he’s trained! Shake. [Dug shakes his paw] Russell: Uh-huh. Speak.

Dug: Hi there.

Carl Fredricksen: [He and Russell make surprised exclamations] Did that dog just say “Hi there”?

Dug: Oh, yes.

Carl Fredricksen: Whaa!

Dug: My name is Dug. I have just met you, and I love you. [he jumps up on Carl]

Carl Fredricksen: Wha…

Dug: My master made me this collar. He is a good and smart master and he made me this collar so that I may speak. Squirrel! [looks to distance for a few seconds]

Dug: My master is good and smart.

Carl Fredricksen: It’s not possible!

Dug: Oh, it is because my master is smart!

11. Russell: Cool! What do these do, boy?

Russell: [Russell starts to fiddle with a dial on Dug’s collar, causing him to cycle through languages and different voices] Hey would you – cuerdo con tigo – I use that collar – watashi wa hanashi ma – to talk with. I would be happy if you stop.

12. Carl Fredricksen: You’d better get up, Russell. Or else, the tigers will come and eat you.

Russell: There are no Tigers in South America. Zoology.

13. Carl Fredricksen: I can’t tell where we are.

Russell: Oh, we’re in South America, all right. It was a cinch with my Wilderness Explorer GPS.

Carl Fredricksen: GP what?

Russell: My dad gave it to me; it shows exactly where we are on the planet! [runs to window making beeping sounds]. With this baby, we’ll never be lost! [gestures and accidentally throws the unit out the window]

Russell: Oops.

More Amazing Russell from Quotes

14. Dug: [With Kevin up on the roof of Carl’s house, calling out] The Bird is calling to her babies.

Russell: Her babies! Kevin’s a Girl?

15. “”Paradise Falls, a land lost in time.” You’re going to South America, Mr. Fredricksen?”

16. “I’ve never been in a floating house before.”

17. “You know, most people take a plane, but you’re smart because you’ll have all your TV and clocks and stuff.”

18. “Wow! This is great! You should try this, Mr. Fredricksen! Look, there’s a bus stop that could take me home two blocks away! Heyy, I can see your house from here!”

19. “This was her favorite candy bar. Because you sent her away, there’s more for you.”

20. Russell: Where are you keeping Kevin? Let me go!

Beta: Scream all you want, small mailman. Alpha: None of your mailman friends can hear you.

Russell: I’ll unleash all my Wilderness Explorer training!

21. Dug: Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please be my prisoner!

Russell: Dug, stop bothering Kevin!

Dug: That man there says I should take the bird…

22. “Whoa, that’s s gonna be like a billion transfers to get back to my house…”

23. “The wilderness must be explored! CA-CA! RAAWWRR!”

24. Alpha: [In squeaky voice] Master, dinner is ready.

Charles Muntz: Oh, yes, broken collar? It’s that loose wire again. [fixes the collar]

Charles Muntz: There you go, big fella.

Alpha: [In deep, intimidating voice] Thank you, Master.

Russell: [Nervously] I liked his other voice better.

25. [after Carl’s house has fell down to the ground and was presumably destroyed] “Sorry about your house, Mr. Fredricksen.”

26. “You gave away Kevin. You just… gave her away.”

27. “Oh! Mr. Fredricksen! If we happen to get separated, use the wilderness explorer call: “CA – CA! RAWRRR!””

Funny Russell from Up Quotes

28. “[when Carl realizes that the “person” he’s talking to is actually a rock, laughing] You were talking to a rock.”

29. Russell: [Distracting the Dogs on the planes after having managed to finally climb up the hose onto Carl’s Porch of his house floating around Muntz’ Airship] Hey look, Squirrel!

30. Beta, Gamma, Omega: Where? Lemme at em. [Beta, Gamma and Omega all crash into each other, destroying their planes as they activate their parachutes]

Gamma: [Slowly descending] I hate Squirrels!

31. “I’m Gonna help Kevin, even if you won’t.”

32. Carl Fredricksen: So, you want to assist an old person?

Russell: Yep! Then I will be a Senior Wilderness Explorer!

33. Carl Fredricksen: [looks around furtively, then leans in close] Have you ever heard of a Snipe?

Russell: Snipe?

Carl Fredricksen: Bird. Beady eyes. Every night it sneaks in my yard and gobbles my poor azaleas. I’m elderly and infirm. I can’t catch it. If only someone could help me…

Russell: Me! Me! I’ll do it!

Carl Fredricksen: Oh, I don’t know. It’s awfully crafty. You’d have to clap your hands three times to lure it in.

Russell: I’ll find it, Mr. Fredricksen!

Carl Fredricksen: I think its burrow is two blocks down. If you go past…

Russell: Two blocks down! Got it! [Russell runs off down the street, calling out and clapping his hands]

Russell: Sniiiipe! Here, Snipey, Snipey…

Carl Fredricksen: [smirks] Bring it back here when you find it!


What happened to Russell after Up?

Image Credit: Disney Pixar All Rights Reserved

At the end of the movie, Russell receives his much-coveted “Assisting the Elderly” Wilderness Explorer badge.

Oh, and to make the moment even sweeter, the award is presented to him by Carl and they grab some ice cream afterwards.

Yup, just like Russell used to do with his dad (all the feels!).

How old is Russell from Up?

Russell from up is said to be 8 years old which is based on his Tribe 54 Sweat Lodge 12 Wilderness Explorer status!

Who voices Russell from Up?

Russell is voiced by Jordan Nagai!

Does Russell from Up appear in anything else?

People absolutely adored Russell in the original 2009 Up movie. He also appears in Dug’s Special Mission and George and A.J which is a short, animated film.

Does Russell have a mom in Up?

He sure does!

Russell’s mom is a really minor character.

Don’t worry though, she appears at the end of the movie with Dug when Russell receives his Assisting the Elderly badge.

I hope that you enjoyed this bumper list of Russell quotes from Up!

Which are your favorite Russell quotes from Up? Do you love his father-son relationship with Carl? And what about Dug? I’d love to hear your thoughts about this unforgettable character in the comments below.

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