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The 30+ Best Tow Mater Quotes To Make You Chuckle

September 8, 2022
tow mater quotes

Are you searching for hilarious Tow Mater quotes to brighten your day? Keep scrolling to uncover the best sayings from this loveable Cars character!

Cars first burst onto theater screens in 2006 and won the hearts of Disney and Pixar lovers everywhere. We’re all familiar with the ragtag racing champion Lightning McQueen, but it was his sidekick and chief goofball Tow Mater that really stole the show.

Tow Mater is one of Pixar’s most iconic side characters and he added a hefty dose of Southern charm to every Cars movie.

If you’d like to learn all about this loveable character, keep reading for the best Tow Mater quotes that will have you cracking up all over again!

Everything You Need to Know About Tow Mater

Who Is Tow Mater?

Tow Mater is an adorable tow truck in the Cars franchise that becomes best friends with the iconic racing car Lightning McQueen.

He is known for his thick Southern accent, no-nonsense approach to towing (of course!), and goofy personality.

Although he isn’t the smartest vehicle around, he’s extremely loyal and acts as a comic relief character when the going gets tough.

So, it’s unsurprising that he’s always coming out with memorable one-liners!

Don’t count him completely out on the intelligence front though. In Cars 2, Mater proves that he’s super knowledgeable about parts and engines.

I won’t completely spoil the plot, but he’s able to help McMissile and Shiftwell identify a specific engine from a single photograph!

Impressive stuff.

Who Voices Tow Mater?

Larry the Cable Guy voices Tow Mater in every single movie, commercial, and video game!

Why Is His Name Tow Mater?

You might think that Tow Mater’s name comes from the fact that he’s a tow truck.

Well, that’s part of it.

But he also gets this nickname from the construction superintendent and NASCAR fan Douglas “Mater” Keever.

In case you were wondering, Cars co-director Joe Ranft has said that Mater’s physical design was inspired by an abandoned tow truck that was lying around on Route 66.

What Car is Tow Mater in Real Life?

Tow Mater is on the rusty side, but he’s still a free-wheeling 1951 International Harvester tow truck.

If you want to get even more specific, he’s a Haulital Hook’em!

Popular Tow Mater Quotes

Tow Mater Quotes from Cars

Lightning McQueen: I’m serious! He’s won three Piston Cups!

Mater: He did WHAT in his cup?

Mater: I knew it! I knowed I made a good choice!

Lightning McQueen: In what?

Mater: My bes’ friend.

Lightning McQueen: Will you stop that?

Mater: Stop what?

Lightning McQueen: That driving backwards. It’s creeping me out. You’re gonna wreck or something.

Mater: Wreck? Shoot! I’m the world’s best backwards driver! Just watch this right here, lover boy.

Mater: Ain’t no need to watch where I’m goin’; just need to know where I’ve been.

Mater: I’m happier ‘n a tornado in a trailer park!

tow mater quotes

Lightning McQueen: I’m a precision instrument of speed and aerodynamics.

Mater: You hurt your what?

Mater: My name is Mater.

Lightning McQueen: Mater?

Mater: Yeah, like “Tuh-Mater”, but without the “Tuh”! What’s your name?

Lightning McQueen: You…You don’t know MY name?

Lightning McQueen: You, you don’t know my name?

Mater: Oh, I know your name. Is your name Mater too?

Lightning McQueen: What?

A quick piece of trivia!

Believe it or not, these are actual words that Douglas “Mater” Keever said to someone (AKA – the inspiration behind Tow Mater!).

Mater: Hey, look! There’s Miss Sally!

Lightning McQueen: Where?!

Mater: [laughs] I got you good!

Lightning McQueen: Awww…

Mater: Lightning’s in love with Miss Sally! Lightning’s in love with Miss Sally!

Mater: All right. Your turn now.

Lightning McQueen: Mater, I can’t. I don’t even have a horn.

Mater: Baby.

Lightning McQueen: I’m not a baby.

Mater: Dad Gum!

Mater: You know, I once knew this girl, Doreen. Good-looking girl. Looked just like a Jaguar, only she was a truck! You know, I used to crash into her just so I could speak to her.

Lightning McQueen: What… are you talking about?

Mater: I dunno.

Mater: Hey there Miss Sally, may I have this cruise?

Mater: [hurriedly] Hey, listen, listen! If anybody asks you, we was out smashin’ mailboxes, OK?

Mater: This may be bad time to mention this, but uh… you owe me $32,000 in legal fees.

Mater: [in a scared voice as a spotlight hits Lightning] It’s the Ghostlight!

Kathy Copter: We have found McQueen. We have found McQueen.

Image: Courtesy of Disney

Mater: Boy, I’m pretty good at this lawyerin’ stuff!

Mater: We’ll talk later, Mater… hehe – later, Mater – that’s funny!

Mater: [looks down the road at the damage Lightning needs to fix] HOLY SHOOT!

Image: www.instagram.com/desert.inn

Mater: Boy, I tell you what. I bet the roads on the moon ain’t this smooth.

Mater: McQueen and Sally parked beneath the tree / K-I-S-somethin’-somethin’-somethin’-T.

Mater: Git-R-Done!

Tow Mater Quotes from Cars 2

Mater: I sure wish he’d hurry up and get back ’cause we got a whole summer’s worth of best friend fun to make up for.

Finn McMissile: I never properly introduced myself: Finn McMissile, British Intelligence.

Mater: Tow Mater, average intelligence.

Mater: I call this move “what I accidentally did to my friend Luigi”.

Mater: Do not try the free pistachio ice cream! It done turn!

Mater: Excuse me, ma’am. [expels exhaust]. Dadgum pistachio ice cream.

Holley Shiftwell: This cannot be him.

Finn McMissile: Is he American?

Mater: [swinging his tow cable] Look out, ladies. Mater’s fittin’ to get funky!

Holley Shiftwell: Extremely.

Finn McMissile: Mater, are these cars considered lemons?

Mater: Is the Popemobile Catholic?

Lightning McQueen: Look, Mater, we’re not in Radiator Springs.

Mater: You’re just noticing that? Boy, that jet lag really done a number on you.

Mater: You know, I always wanted to be a spy.

Mater: [Approaches Guido at the bar] Hey, Guido, what’s McQueen’s usual?

Guido: Come faccio a saperlo? [How should I know?]

Mater: Perfect! I’ll take two!

Mater: [in London] What’s everyone on the wrong side of the road for?

Tow Mater Quotes from Cars 3

Tow Mater isn’t a large part of Cars 3, but he still manages to make an impression!

Mater: [to Lightning McQueen on a computer] You know what I’d do?

Lightning McQueen: What?

Mater: …I don’t know. I got nothin’.

Mater: [singing] My cup holder’s happy, my tank is full. My engine’s running like a Brahma bull. My bumpers are polished and talk about luck. I just got a date with an ice cream truck. [laughs as his smartphone rings] Huh? [knocks over a pile of tires] Aah! Shoot. Hey, McQueen, you still there? McQueen? Ugh. Technology!

There you have it: a list of Tow Mater quotes that are bound to make you chuckle!

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