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How much are Disney World Tickets And What Options Are Available?

March 10, 2021
Disney World Tickets Cost

Are you wondering how much Disney World tickets are? If so, be sure to read ahead for the 4-1-1 on Disney World tickets!

One of the first things that you’ll need to figure out when you’re planning your trip to Disney World is how much tickets are going to cost.

Sure, you’ve lusted over accommodation (hello, Grand Floridian!), figured out flights, and got your dining plan mapped out, but if you’ve not actually got your tickets, then you may struggle to make the most of your Disney World trip for obvious reasons.

So, to save you the hassle, I’ve put together a handy guide that will run you through how much Disney World tickets are and what the best ticket type for your trip will be.

Now, it’s worth knowing that Disney World ticket pricing is slightly different from other Disney parks around the world. For the other parks, you’ll purchase tickets based on the number of parks you’ll be visiting that day and the price is fixed year-round.

However, at Disney World, the prices change based on demand. So, before you purchase your tickets, you’ll want to know the exact dates that you’re planning to visit Disney World on. Otherwise, you may be in for a nasty shock when you come to buy your tickets!

If you fancy comparing Disney World ticket prices to those at Disneyland Resort, then feel free to check out my post on Disneyland ticket prices!

Disney World pricing tiers

As I’ve mentioned above, Disney World tickets vary in price depending on when you visit. This isn’t unusual when you take the entire price of a trip into account, as you usually see different prices for package holidays depending on the time of year at any of the Disney parks.

What makes Disney World different is that the tickets themselves are priced differently.

As a rule, mid-January tends to be the cheapest time to visit the parks, and Christmas tends to be the most expensive. I can’t really blame Disney here – the Christmas season at Disney World is truly magical!

It’s worth knowing that holiday periods are generally more expensive, and the Halloween season can also amp up ticket prices quite considerably.

If you’re not sure when you want to visit, you can buy a flexible ticket that’s valid for any day of the year. However, if you’re looking to save some money, then this isn’t the best way to go about things. Though you will obviously get more flexibility with this option, most people just don’t need them. As you’ll probably be planning your trip well in advance, you’re going to know your dates before you go. So, unless you’re planning a random getaway during the year, a flexible ticket isn’t going to do you any favors.

In case you didn’t know, you can also change the dates on any regular ticket using the MyDisneyExperience center that you’ll get access to once you book. If your dates are basically set in stone, then you can shift your dates at any time by contacting Disney instead of buying the more expensive “Flexible Date” tickets.

Trust me on this one – you’ll want to save any extra cash you have for merchandise and food!

Base Tickets

Base tickets cover 1 park per day, and the price of these tickets varies throughout the year. I’ll list the upper and lower range of these ticket prices for you so that you can get an idea of what you’ll be paying during the high and low seasons.

These ticket prices are accurate as of February 2020 and include taxes.

DaysAdult (10+)Child (3-9)
1$116.09 – $169.34$110.76 – $164.01
2$226.13 – $329.86$215.76 – $319.49
3$335.89 – 476.00$320.93 – $461.03
4$434.83 – $596.74$416.06 – $577.98
5$463.56 – $630.85$443.41 – $610.70
6$477.79 – $645.91$456.90 – $625.02
7$492.06 – $661.56$470.44 – $639.94
8$518.17 – $678.83$495.59 – $656.25
9$536.00 – $691.93$512.81 – $668.73
10$553.69 – $703.65$529.94 – $679.90

As you can see, there is quite a considerable difference between entry prices for low season dates vs. high season dates. Therefore, it’s well worth trying to book during the low season if that works for you.

Park Hopper Tickets

Park Hopper Tickets are some of the most popular tickets at Disney World, and if you’re wondering how much these Disney World tickets cost, then be sure to keep reading!

If you’re not sure what a Park Hopper ticket is, it basically allows you to “hop” between each of the four main Disney World parks as you please. A Base Ticket will allow you to visit any park, but you’ll be confined to that park for the day.

For park hopping, you’ll be adding around $13 a day on a 7-day ticket, and the ticket price decreases as you spend more days in the parks.

Though it’s best to purchase Park Hopper tickets in advance to save yourself the hassle, you can add park hopping on to your ticket package if you’re not enjoying your base tickets or don’t feel they are right for you.

The price for upgrading is fixed based on the number of days on your base tickets. Regardless of whether you have only one day left on your tickets or a full seven days, you’ll be paying the full price to upgrade! This is why I recommend adding park hopping to your tickets in advance, as people tend to enjoy the freedom of moving between parks on a whim.

Water Park &Sports Options

If you’re looking to visit the water parks during your visit, then you’ll need to purchase a slightly different ticket.

A Water Park & Sports ticket will give you admission to one of the following on each “visit” (I’ll cover this definition slightly later!):

Blizzard Beach, Typhon Lagoon, the NBA Experience, the ESPN Wide World of Sports, a round of mini golf at Fantasia Gardens, Winter Summerland, or Oak Trail family walking course.

The extra cost for this option isn’t too bad and is fixed at a rate of $74.55 for any ticket length. Again, it’s worth noting that the price of these tickets vary depending on the time of year, so be sure to check your dates before purchasing.

With this ticket type, you usually won’t have a chance to use all your admissions during your visit. This is because you tend to get double the number of “visits” as you do park days. If you’re visiting the parks for 7 days and purchase the Water Park & Sports Ticket, you’ll get around 14 admissions.

To really make the most of your ticket, you’ll need to be visiting multiple attractions a day.

Park Hopper Plus

If you fancy combining the Water Park & Sports Ticket with a Park Hopper ticket, then you can do this quite easily.

For this ticket, you’re essentially paying for a Park Hopper ticket, and then adding an additional cost of $21.30 to this price. So, to figure out how much this ticket is going to cost you, you’ll want to calculate your Park Hopper ticket cost for the number of days that you’ll be at Disney World for and add $21.30 to that price – easily done!

This is a good option for anyone that’s planning to frequent the water parks or golf courses. It’s not strictly necessary, but if you want to do any of the Water Park & Sports Activities during your trip, it can be a worthwhile upgrade.

Like with the Park Hopper tickets, you can add this option on to your ticket at any time. However, the earlier you add this to your package, the better.

Usage Windows

One important thing to remember with Disney World tickets is that they do have a usage window.

  • For 1-day tickets, you’ll need to use your ticket on the specific date of purchase
  • For 2-day tickets, you can use these on any 2 days within a 4-day period – they don’t need to be consecutive!
  • For 3-day tickets, you can use these on any 3 days within a 5-day period.
  • For 4-day tickets, you can use these on any 4 days within a 7-day period
  • For 5-day tickets, you can use these on any 5 days within an 8-day period
  • For 6-day tickets, you can use these on any 6 days within a 9-day period
  • For 7-day tickets, you can use these on any 7 days within a 10-day period
  • For 7-day tickets, you can use these on any 8 days within a 12-day period
  • For 9-day tickets, you can use these on any 9 days within a 13-day period
  • For 10-day tickets, you can use these on any 10 days within a 14-day period

As you can see, there is some flexibility here, so if you want to check out some other attractions in Florida in-between park days, you can!

Annual Passes

If you happen to live near the parks or regularly fly over to Disney World for vacations, then investing in an annual pass may be the best option for you.

Platinum Pass

The platinum pass is a great option, and offers visitors the following:

  • Admission for a year to all 4 theme parks with no blockout dates
  • Park hopping
  • Disney PhotoPass downloads
  • Up to 20% off on select dining
  • Up to 20% off select merchandise in store
  • Standard parking

A first-time platinum pass will run you $1,272.68 (including tax), and a renewal will run you $1,080.98 (including tax).

Platinum Plus Pass

A Platinum Plus Pass will offer you everything that the Platinum Pass does, but also includes access to the water parks.

A first-time pass will cost you $1.379.18 (including tax) and a renewal will cost $1,171.50.

Other Annual Passes

Some annual passes are only available to certain people. Florida residents can purchase Silver and Weekday Select passes or Gold passes, and DVC club members are able to purchase other passes that are exclusive to them.

If you’re looking for some top tips on purchasing annual passes, then this video from Beyond the Kingdoms is really useful to check out!

Florida Resident Tickets

If you’re a Florida resident, you have access to some great discounts with Florida Resident Tickets. To be eligible for these tickets, you’ll need to show a Florida residency pass at the pass entrance.

Florida residents can purchase a 4-Day Discovery Ticket for only $50 a day (before tax!) and choose from several other discounted options. These tickets will only give you access to one park a day, but you can add a Park Hopper option if you wish.

If you need any further info or would like to check out the official website for Disney World tickets, then just click here!

I hope that this guide to Disney World ticket prices and options has been useful in planning your next trip. As you can see, there’s plenty to consider when booking your vacation, so be sure to save this page as a reference point when booking your tickets!

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