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How Old Is Flynn Rider? The Answer Might Surprise You!

May 6, 2023

Have you been asking yourself the question: “how old is Flynn Rider”? If so, you’ll want to stick with me as I uncover just how old this gorgeous Disney prince is.

Flynn Rider is an iconic Disney character who’s best known for his bravery, charisma, and dazzling smolder.

But as many people have speculated that he’s a lot older than his love interest Rapunzel, they grew pretty curious.

And honestly, so did I!

Not only will I pin down exactly how old Flynn Rider is (with evidence!), but we’ll uncover the age gap between Flynn and Rapunzel.

Now let’s answer the question “how old is Flynn Rider” and put the age debate to bed for good!

Who Is Flynn Rider?

Flynn Rider is the secondary protagonist from the 2010 movie Tangled.

His real name is Eugene Fitzherbert and he’s known for being a quick-witted and incredibly charming thief.

He grew up orphaned and was born to King Edmund. But the kingdom was corrupted and led to Eugene being removed by a servant to be raised elsewhere.

He was placed in an orphanage and took his name from a book called “The Tales of Flynnigan Rider” that he took comfort in.

After losing faith that his family would eventually find him, he became a swashbuckling thief who robbed virtually everyone in Corona.

He certainly relies on his good looks to get by and only meets Rapunzel after stealing a tiara from Rapunzel’s kingdom.

He hides in her tower and agrees to take her to see the “floating lights” – AKA, the lanterns released each year on her birthday.

And that’s because Mother Gothel kidnapped Rapunzel for her magical hair when she was just a baby!

The lanterns are the kingdom’s way of attempting to find her (in case you didn’t know!).

Once he spends some time with Rapunzel, he quickly realizes that there’s more to life than thieving. In fact, he completely falls in love with her and wants to start fresh with Rapunzel by his side.

I won’t spoil the rest of the movie (in case you haven’t seen it!), but it ends well!

How Old Is Flynn Rider?

Image Credit: Disney

Okay, the answer to the question “how old is Flynn Rider” isn’t quite as easy as it might seem.

And that’s because he’s said to be anywhere between 22 and 26 years old.

It’s probable that he’s closest to 26, although this isn’t explicitly discussed in the screenplay or official interviews.

He’s meant to be old enough to be far more worldly-wise than Rapunzel. But he’s not supposed to be old enough for the relationship to seem inappropriate.

But exactly how old is Flynn Rider in the original Tangled movie?

Well, it’s hard to say.

Flynn Rider is said to be 26 years old in Cassandra’s Revenge (from Tangled the Series!).

As this is set AFTER the original Tangled movie of 2010, we have to believe that he’d be at least slightly younger.

I’ll say that Cassandra’s Revenge is probably set around 3 years after the events of Tangled.

That would make Flynn around 23 years old at the time of Tangled.

It’s a little bit convoluted, but I’d say that Flynn Rider is between 23 and 26 during all of his appearances.


If we dive even deeper and watch Tangled: The Series more closely, he’s said to be 25 in Destinies Collide.

As this was released earlier than Cassandra’s Revenge (S2 vs. S3), we can say that his age progression makes sense.

How Old Is Rapunzel?

Image Credit: Disney

In Tangled (2010), Tangled is explicitly said to be turning 18.

After all, she says:

“Mother, I’m turning 18, and I wanted to ask, uh, what I really want for my birthday this year is …”

That’s why she wants to see the floating lights as they’re released every year on her birthday!

So, that makes her 18 in Tangled and around 21 or 22 in the Tangled spin-offs.

How Much Older is Flynn Than Rapunzel?

Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/rakoslove/

If we take Flynn’s and Rapunzel’s ages to be 17 and 23 in the original film, they have an age gap of 5/6 years.

I’ll say 5, because she’s literally about to turn 18.

Many Disney-lovers are happy to see that Flynn was actually younger than expected in Tangled.

Although an age gap of 8 years isn’t a problem by any means, people thought that they were in different life stages.

So, while their relationship wasn’t inappropriate – some people were slightly skeeved out by it!

But we shouldn’t forget that Flynn waited until Rapunzel was ready to marry until he popped the question.

And by the way he says that he was asking and asking, we can assume that quite a bit of time passed before they tied the knot!

I’ll say around 2 years (which makes her around 20), but it’s up for debate!

At the end of the day though, Rapunzel is a fully blown adult before she falls in love with Flynn.

And that can’t be said for virtually every other Disney princess as most of them are teenagers!


What was Flynn Rider’s real name?

Flynn Rider’s real name is Eugene Fitzherbert and he pulled it from The Adventures of Flynnigan Rider!

What is Flynn Rider’s catchphrase?

Flynn Rider has a few incredible quotes, but I’d say that one of his best lines is “alone at last”!

Did Flynn Rider and Rapunzel have a baby?

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel have a baby called Princess Aurora (who’s also known as Ella!). She’s born in Tangled: The Series.

Where else can you find Flynn Rider?

Image Credit: https://www.instagram.com/saco43__/

Aside from Tangled and Tangled: The Series, you can find Flynn in Once Upon a Time (where he’s kind of played by Josh Dallas!).

You’ll also spot him at the Disney Parks and in the video game Disney Heroes: Battle Mode.

I hope that this article has helped answer the burning question: “how old is Flynn Rider?”.

As you can see, Flynn Rider is a loveable (and age appropriate!) character who deserves a glowing place on any Disney princes list. What is your favorite thing about Flynn Rider? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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