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Disney Princes List: The Ultimate Rundown of Disney Men!

September 29, 2022

You might have a soft spot for the princesses, but this Disney Princes list will show you just how incredible Disney’s men are!

I totally get that Disney princesses usually get all the attention. But I think it’s time to show some love for their significant others!

This incredible list of Disney princes includes everyone from old-school characters like Prince Charming to unofficial Disney princes like Tarzan and Hercules.

No matter who you love best, you’re bound to learn a fun piece of trivia or two with this extensive list.

So without further ado, let’s dive in and become “part of their worlds”!

The Official Disney Princes List

Prince Florian – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Image Credit: Disney

Prince Florian’s name isn’t revealed during Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Instead, he’s simply known as “The Prince”.

Florian is said to be around 31 years old according to the original story, but is supposed to be just 18 in the 1937 movie.

In case you were wondering, this is confirmed by the Art Of Walt Disney book!

Florian is described as a pleasant young man who’s traveling through the kingdom to find his true love.

Not only is he seriously handsome with his dark hair and blue eyes, but he’s got a wonderful singing voice too!

He famously serenades Snow White under her balcony and quickly falls in love with her.

When she’s poisoned by the Queen, he stops at nothing to give her the famous “True Love’s Kiss” that will ultimately break the spell.

Movie Summary

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the original Disney Princess Movie and it was made in 1937.

It tells the story of a young woman who runs into the woods after her stepmother hires a huntsman to have her killed.

But he can’t go through with it and tells her to seek shelter and hide from the Queen.

Along the way, she meets the dwarfs who protect Snow White until the Queen finds her and gives her a poisoned apple.

This forces her into an eternal deep sleep until she’s awoken by the Prince with True Love’s Kiss.

The movie ends with the queen being killed by falling rocks and the happy couple living happily ever after.

Dark, but we love to see it!

Fun Facts about Prince Florian

  • He was said to be the most complex character to animate in the movie. This explains why he’s only in the film for a couple of scenes!
  • He also appears in the live-action movies Flubber, the series House of Mouse, and as Snow White’s true love “Charming” or “David” in ABC’s Once Upon a Time.
  • If you want to spot Prince Florian around the Disney parks, keep an eye out for him in the parades and on Snow White’s Scary Adventure.

Prince Charming – Cinderella

Image Credit: Disney

Prince Charming is the next stunning suitor on my list of Disney princes.

He’s Cinderella’s prince from the famous 1950 hit movie and is extremely handsome.

He’s referred to as “Prince Charming” throughout the Disney canon, but his real name is Prince Henry!

Like many other Disney men, Prince Charming is incredibly good-looking, but he’s also funny, dapper, and a seriously impressive dancer.

He also enjoys sword fighting and horse riding!

His love for Cinderella is instantaneous and extremely powerful, and he’s able to evade Lady Tremaine’s (otherwise known as the Evil Stepmother!) manipulation spell with ease.

To make him even better, he isn’t afraid to go against the status quo by marrying a woman that’s far below his royal rank.

In terms of looks, Prince Charming is a broad-figured man with dark brown hair and soft brown eyes.

He’s usually seen sporting his royal jacket, red trousers with gold detailing, a belt, and black boots.

Movie Summary

Image Credit: Disney

The plot of Cinderella is relatively simple and involves the King throwing a royal ball to help find his son a suitable woman to marry.

The Prince isn’t keen on the idea, but he goes along with it to please his father.

At the ball, he meets Cinderella who is a kind and hardworking servant girl.

Cinderella’s father loved her dearly, but she is treated poorly by her stepmother and stepsisters after he dies.

Although Cinderella has a wonderful time at the ball after finding her Fairy Godmother, she runs away from the prince at midnight when the spell ends.

After an enormous kingdom-wide search, he finally finds Cinderella and they live happily ever after!

The film mainly focuses on themes of kindness and resilience (especially the gorgeous live-action version with Lily James).

Fun Facts about Prince Charming

  • In the film’s initial drafts, Prince Charming had a solo song called “The Face That I See In The Night”!
  • You can spot him at most parades in the Disney parks, but he’s also in Fantasmic! and is the focus of the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel.
  • If you’re watching The Princess and the Frog, keep an eye out for a Prince Charming doll in Charlotte’s room!

Prince Phillip – Sleeping Beauty

Image Credit: Disney

Prince Philip is Sleeping Beauty’s Prince and he’s first introduced as a child when he visits the baby Aurora at her birthday party.

Philip is the son of King Hubert and Queen Ingrith and the movie suggests that he’s betrothed to Aurora.

In terms of looks, he’s a slim but relatively muscular man with fair skin, brown hair, and brown eyes.

Movie Summary

After Maleficent places a curse on baby Aurora, she is transported to the forest by Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather to keep her safe.

Prince Philip initially meets Aurora after she’s found wandering through the woods and speaking to her animal friends.

They share a dance and a song (“Once Upon a Dream”) before Aurora runs off to Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather back at her house.

After Aurora pricks her finger on Maleficent’s spindle, she falls into a deep sleep until she’s woken by Philip with True Love’s Kiss.

But that’s not before he is given the Sword of Truth and the Shield of Virtue to allow him to battle Maleficent in her dragon form!

The story ends with the gorgeous couple living Happily Ever After (although we never do find out what color Aurora’s dress ends up being in the movie!).

Fun Facts about Prince Phillip

  • Prince Edward’s cartoon design from Enchanted is modeled after Prince Philip!
  • It’s believed that the character was named after Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh.
  • Philip is one of the most active Disney princes on this list as he has several lines.
    • He’s also responsible for defeating Maleficent as opposed to Florian and Henry who have more passive roles in beating their respective villains.
  • It’s believed that Philip is around 5 to 8 years older than Aurora as he’s already a child when he’s present at the princess’s birthday.

Prince Eric – The Little Mermaid

Image Credit: Disney

Prince Eric is Ariel’s prince, and he can be found in The Little Mermaid movies.

We don’t know much about Prince Eric when we first meet him, but he’s said to be a sailor, lives in a seaside kingdom, and has a manservant called Grimsby.

Despite being an accomplished swimmer and a seafaring guy, Eric is shipwrecked and almost loses his life.

This is when Ariel saves his life and he hears her voice for the first time!

Eric is described as a romantic character who believes in true love but simply hasn’t found it yet. Once he hears Ariel’s voice, he’s determined to find her and marry her.

In terms of appearance, Eric has black hair, fair skin, and blue eyes.

He’s also quite muscular and isn’t afraid to show off his muscular physique in a classic white collared shirt throughout the movie.

Movie Summary

The original Little Mermaid movie was released in 1989 and follows the tale of the young mermaid Ariel.

Ariel has always dreamed of becoming a human and instantly falls in love with Eric after rescuing him for a shipwreck.

We quickly find out that Eric is waiting for the right woman to come along (despite people pushing him to marry!).

Luckily for him, Ariel comes to shore after making a deal with sea witch Ursula which involves her trading fins for feet.

Although Ariel’s lack of speech makes it extremely difficult for the two lovers to bond, Eric is kind and understanding throughout the movie.

There’s a slight hitch in the plan when Ursula comes to shore as “Vanessa”, but the two lovebirds eventually end up together.

Fun Facts about Prince Eric

  • Prince Eric is the first character to speak (not sing!) in the movie when he says: “Isn’t this great? The salty sea air, the wind blowing in your face!”.
  • Believe it or not, the actor who voiced Prince Eric was just 16 when he was recorded for the movie.
  • In the original fairytale, Prince Eric isn’t named and doesn’t marry Ariel. Instead, she tragically turns into seafoam!

The Beast (Prince Adam) – Beauty and the Beast

Image Credit: Disney

He may be better known as the Beast, but this famous character from Beauty and the Beast is called Prince Adam!

We don’t know much about the Beast’s childhood.

But we know that a sorceress placed a spell on the entire castle after the Beast was cruel to her.

Only when the Beast could earn someone’s love and be loved back would the spell eventually be broken.

Movie Summary

As I briefly mentioned earlier, the Beast was cursed by an enchantress after he refused to provide shelter to a harmless old woman (or the enchantress in disguise!).

This curse turns the entire house and its servants into clocks, candlesticks, teapots, and everything in between.

When the Beast is first introduced to the audience, he has imprisoned Belle’s father and we aren’t aware of the spell or the Beast’s complex past.

Although Maurice was only seeking shelter, he demands that he stay there forever.

After the Beast agrees to let Belle take her father’s place when she comes to rescue him, the relationship between Belle and the Beast gradually improves.

Things are dicey at first.

But after the Beast offers Belle a library and saves her life when she’s attacked by wolves, they both soften.

Image Credit: Disney

The movie ends when Gaston brings the angry townsfolk to the castle.

The Beast is dejected and believes that Belle doesn’t love him, but she returns and confesses her feelings after Gaston falls from the castle turrets.

After her confession of love, the last petal falls and the Beast is returned to his human form (along with the servants!).

They then live happily ever after at the Beast’s glorious castle.

If you’re a fan of the Beast but want to learn more about the villain Gaston, check out these Gaston quotes!

Fun Facts about Prince Adam

  • The Beast was originally meant to have a much kinder temperament right from the start. But the animators felt that adding an aggressive side to the character would make the story more complex.
  • The Beast’s character went through several reanimations over the film’s production period.
    • Original sketches made the Beast look more human-like, but there were also sketches that made him look like a mantis! Eventually, they settled on the design we see in the films.
  • The Beast is the first male character in a Disney fairytale to have a role as large as their female counterpart.
  • It’s tricky to say how old the Beast is with total certainty, but he’s probably 20 as the rose is set to bloom until his “21st year”.

Aladdin – Aladdin

Image Credit: Disney

Aladdin is Princess Jasmine’s love interest and he’s possibly the most charming character on this Disney princes list.

In the 1992 animated film he starts out as a “street rat” who’s incredibly poor.

We aren’t given any information about his family or background, but it seems that his only friend is a sassy monkey named Abu.

Aladdin has tons of charisma and a strong personality, but he’s also shown to be incredibly kind. For example, he gives his loaf of bread to a couple of hungry kids early in the film!

In addition to being handsome and clever, he’s also optimistic and always believes that there’s something to look forward to.

He’s a handsome character with a slender but slightly muscular build. He also has thick eyebrows, messy hair, and brown eyes.

As he doesn’t have much money, he’s always wearing a light vest and baggy pants with a hole in them.

When he becomes Prince Ali, he dresses more luxuriously!

Movie Summary

Aladdin first appears in “One Jump Ahead” and he quickly runs into Jasmine at the marketplace.

He saves her from having her hand chopped off by an angry fruit seller after she’s caught stealing fruit to give to hungry children.

She must show her face to two guards to save Aladdin, but she’s unable to protect him from Jafar who throws him in jail. Little does Aladdin know; Jafar has picked him to head into the Cave of Wonders to achieve a Magic Lamp that contains a genie.

He retrieves the lamp and hands it to Jafar (disguised as an old man), but Jafar betrays him and throws him into the Cave of Wonders to die.

But luckily, Abu manages to steal the lamp back before they fall into the cave.

Aladdin rubs the lamp and is granted three wishes by the genie. This is when he wishes to be a prince so he can be with Jasmine.

Image Credit: Disney

“Prince Ali” doesn’t impress Jasmine as he behaves just like every other prince she’s met.

But after convincing her to go on a magic carpet ride, she realizes he’s Aladdin – the boy she met at the marketplace.

Jasmine is disappointed that Aladdin has lied to her at first, but he hurriedly says that he often dresses as a regular person to avoid being detected.

When Jafar discovers that Jasmine plans to marry Aladdin, he attempts to have him killed by throwing Aladdin into the ocean. The genie rescues him and they head back to stop Jafar who has now become the master of the lamp.

After a huge fight scene, Jafar becomes a genie himself and is sucked into the lamp for thousands of years. To keep his word to the genie, Aladdin uses his final wish to free him before the Sultan changes to law and allows Jasmine to marry Aladdin.

And they live happily ever after!

Fun Facts about Aladdin

  • Aladdin was originally conceptualized as a much younger character, but they decided to turn him into a man to make the movie a love story.
  • The story once revolved around Aladdin’s relationship with his mother, but they had him flying solo eventually.
    • This storyline can be understood better through the song “Proud of Your Boy” that was cut from the film.
  • Whenever Aladdin lies in the film, his turban feather will cover his face.
  • In early drafts of the movie, Aladdin is seen hanging around with three friends called Babkak, Omar, and Kassim.

Prince Naveen – The Princess and the Frog

Image Credit: Disney

Prince Naveen is one of the most popular men on this Disney princes list, as he’s handsome, charming, and hilarious.

He’s undeniably selfish and entitled when he’s first introduced, but he becomes much more loveable once he’s spent the entire movie with Tiana.

Oh, and he’s extremely vain too!

When it comes to his looks, Naveen is a muscular man with dark wavy hair and hazel eyes.

This adorable Disney prince is the eldest child of the king and queen of Maldonia and he’s turned into a frog by a New Orleans witch doctor called Facilier.

The only way he can become a prince again is by kissing a princess, which sets the story into motion!

Movie Summary

Prince Naveen is first introduced when he’s playing music in the streets.

He’s always living lavishly using his parents’ money but is robbed of this when they tell him they’re cutting him off.

After planning to marry a rich New Orleans woman named Charlotte La Bouff, he’s tricked by Dr. Facilier who turns him into a frog.

He sees Tiana dressed up at Charlotte’s party and kisses her as he believes she’s a princess.

Unfortunately, this turns them both into frogs!

They have an incredible adventure together and both remain frogs after the spell runs its course.

When they get married and kiss, both characters turn back into humans as Tiana is now a princess!

Fun Facts about Prince Naveen

  • Naveen was originally meant to be a British prince named Henry, but they decided to change his nationality early on.
  • It’s impossible to say where Maldonia is as it’s fictional, but it’s believed to be a Mediterranean nation.
  • Naveen is fluent in French as he’s able to accurately translate “Ma Belle Evangeline”.

Simba – The Lion King

Image Credit: Disney

I know that Simba is a lion, but he’s still technically a prince as his father Mufasa is the King of Pride Rock!

He has a cute mop of red and orange hair that forms a mane and a muscular body.

Simba looks almost exactly like his father but has more trouble leaning into his responsibilities than Mufasa.

As a cub, Simba is mischievous and adventurous.

But as an adolescent and adult, he becomes much more wary and paranoid after his father’s death and his banishment from Pride Rock.

By the time the movie ends, he welcomes his role as king and is shown to be a just and fair ruler.

Movie Summary

Simba is the son of Mufasa and Sarabi and he has an incredible life at the top of the food chain.

Unfortunately, his father is tragically killed in a stampede that’s instigated by his uncle Scar.

To become king, Scar blames Simba for the stampede and tells him to run away. He plans to have the hyenas kill scar, but they lose track of him and don’t let Scar know.

Meanwhile, Simba has escaped to the jungle where he comes across Timon and Pumba who raise him.

They eat bugs and sing “Hakuna Matata” while everything is hunky-dory for a few years.

Eventually, Nala finds Simba in the jungle and begs him to come back to Pride Rock.

This is because Scar is forcing the lions to overhunt and the entire situation is dire.

Simba doesn’t want to come back, but he eventually falls in love with Nala and agrees to save his family.

After an intense battle, Simba defeats Scar and becomes the rightful King of Pride Rock while the hyenas kill Scar.

Fun Facts about Simba

  • Simba means “lion” in Swahili!
  • Simba is voiced by Matthew Broderick as an adult.
  • It’s said that Simba’s adult mane was inspired by the musician Jon Bon Jovi.

Li Shang – Mulan

Image Credit: Disney

Some people don’t think that Li Shang is a Disney prince.

But as Mulan is listed as an official Disney princess, he totally makes the cut!

Li Shang is a skilled soldier and the son of an army general.

He’s also seriously good at Bojutsu. This is shown when he’s able to deflect a barrage of apples being flung his way during “Make a Man Out of You”.

As a result, he’s extremely disciplined, strong, and takes no nonsense from any of his new recruits.

He’s an extremely tall and muscular Chinese man and is usually seen wearing traditional armor throughout the movie.

Movie Summary

After Mulan decides to take her father’s place in the war against the Huns, we’re introduced to the army captain Li Shang.

He’s put in charge of a semi-useless group of men which includes Mulan. At this point, she’s disguised as “Ping”.

Mulan doesn’t take to the training well and is singled out as a weakling. She eventually gains the group’s respect after climbing a pole using two metal medals.

After coming across the destruction of a local village by the Huns, the troops realize that the enemy is encroaching on the Imperial City very quickly.

Mulan uses a firework to cause an avalanche and is discovered to be a woman when she’s recovering.

Although Mulan’s punishment should be death, Shang spares her life as she saved his.

She is then able to return home.

The Imperial City believes that the Huns have been defeated, but Mulan realizes they are still alive and she rushes to the honoring at the palace to warn everyone.

A lengthy battle ensues where the emperor is taken hostage. Mulan eventually manages to outwit the chief of the Huns and names her the “Hero of China” and sends her home with a medal and sword.

Shang and Mulan don’t get married, but it’s strongly hinted that they end up together!

Fun Facts about Li Shang

  • Li Shang and Mulan are the only couple in the Disney Princess/Prince category who aren’t royal.
  • The technique he uses to single out Ping (or Mulan!) is said to be a common technique used in army training. Giving all the recruits a punishment ensures the troublemaker doesn’t earn any sympathy from their comrades.

Flynn Rider/Eugene – Tangled


Flynn Rider is Rapunzel’s prince (eventually!) and he starts out as a criminal who’s trying to steal a tiara.

He has a troubled past and lived in an orphanage.

But despite this, he’s charming, witty, and refuses to let his past define him.

Movie Summary

We first meet Flynn when he’s stealing a Tiara from the castle alongside two thugs.

They both escape and Flynn makes off with the crown as his two accomplices chase him.

He takes refuge in Rapunzel’s tower, where she’s being held by Mother Gothel who uses the power of Rapunzel’s hair to stay young.

When Rapunzel sees Flynn, she knocks him out with a frying pan.

Rapunzel begs him to take her to see the “floating lights”, which are later revealed to be lanterns released in her memory.

After several incredible adventures together, Flynn and Rapunzel fall in love, defeat Mother Gothel, and live happily ever after.

Fun Facts about Flynn Rider

  • Flynn Rider’s real name is Eugene Fitzherbert.
  • Eugene doesn’t know his real birthday, so Rapunzel gives him one in the Tangled Ever After series.
  • Eugene is thought to be around 26 years old.
  • Flynn’s voice actor Zachary Levi originally auditioned for the movie with a British accent!

The Unofficial Disney Princes List

I’ve covered all the official Disney princes on my list.

But did you know there are a few characters that are considered “unofficial” Disney princes?

If you’re curious about who made the cut, check out the list below!

  1. John Smith (Pocahontas)
  2. Hercules (Hercules)
  3. Tarzan (Tarzan)
  4. Milo Thatch (Atlantis)
  5. Robin Hood (Robin Hood)
  6. Kristoff (Frozen) – he marries Princess Anna, but she’s not considered an “official” Disney princess!
  7. Prince Hans (Frozen) – he’s technically a prince but he’d never be considered official as he’s too dastardly!

I hope you enjoyed this list of Disney princes!

Who’s your favorite Disney prince? I’d love to hear about your childhood (and current!) crushes in the comments below.

If you loved reading this Disney princes list, why not check out a few of my other posts?

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