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The Best Coffee in Disneyland: 19 Amazing Spots!

September 4, 2022
best coffee in disneyland

Whether you’re searching for a cold brew during the height of summer or a warming cup of Joe during the wintertime, you may want to find the best coffee in Disneyland. If you keep scrolling, you’ll discover a list of amazing coffee shops in the California parks (and resorts!) that will have you caffeinated in no time.

Ah, coffee.

The mood-boosting trickle of caffeinated goodness that just makes you feel so alive.

If you’re looking to get your coffee fix in Disneyland, then you may be wondering where you can pick up amazing brews in the parks.

To help you out, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best coffee in Disneyland.

Covering the parks, resorts, and Downtown Disney, you’ll never have to worry about handling a toddler tantrum (or excessively long queue) coffee-free!

Is There Coffee in Disneyland?

Absolutely – there are several places to get coffee in Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney, and the resorts.

You’ll be able to pick up cold brews and piping hot coffees from most of the Disneyland locations I’ll mention on this list.

What Kind of Coffee Do They Serve at Disneyland?

The coffee served at Disneyland is supplied by Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company.

It’s the official specialty coffee of the Walt Disney World resorts, so you’ll recognize it wherever you go.

The coffee is a light to medium roast with a delicate, fruity flavor that should suit most coffee lovers.

If you want to pick up any of their specialty blends (including the 50th Anniversary and Not-So-Scary Pumpkin Brew!), then you can visit their official website.

The only exception to this rule is at Starbucks where they serve their world-famous blend.

19 Amazing Places to Find the Best Coffee at Disneyland

1. Jolly Holiday Bakery Café

Jolly Holiday Bakery Café is the ultimate place to grab the best coffee in Disneyland.

It’s located right at the end of Main Street and is open all day for food and drinks.

You’ll find fresh baked goods, fresh pastries, and breakfast bites, but you can also pick up Mickey-shaped treats if you fancy them!

Jolly Holiday Bakery Café is best known for its Espresso beverages (the Ice Caramel Macchiato is a game-changer, BTW), but you can also order cold brews, decafs, Nitro Cold Brews, and hot cocoa.

The sky’s the limit!

jolly holiday bakery
Image: www.instagram.com/disney.by.becca

2. Hungry Bear Restaurant

Hungry Bear Restaurant serves what may be the best coffee in Disneyland for anyone who loves a classic brew.

They currently serve decaf and regular coffees with a strong kick.

If you prefer cold brews, they serve a range of seasonal drinks that contain syrups, cookie crumbs, and everything in between.

If you can, I suggest grabbing their Watermelon Lemonade Freeze.

It’s topped with whipped cream and is super fresh.

Image: www.instagram.com/themeparklunchbox

3. Market House

Market House is the only place to grab Starbucks coffee inside the main Disneyland park.

It’s right on Main Street, making it one of the most convenient spots for grabbing great coffee in Disneyland.

But there’s one downside – it’s usually really busy.

If you can battle the crowds, you’ll be rewarded with artisan sandwiches, baked goods, and classic Starbucks drinks.

I usually pick up a Caramel Macchiato when I’m here (I can’t resist!), but the Starbucks Cold Brew and Caffe Latte are also great choices.

It’s worth noting that you can also pick up official Disney Starbucks merch while you’re here.

If you don’t feel like lugging your merch around the parks, just head to the Downtown Disney locations later (don’t worry – I’ll get to them!).

market house disneyland
Image: www.instagram.com/teamdynamitegoatsc

4. Oga’s Cantina

Oga’s Cantina is another place to grab the best coffee in Disneyland and it’s located at Galaxy’s Edge.

It serves a few light bites, but this is considered one of the classic Disneyland “watering holes” that’s better known for serving booze.

So, you can expect a range of beers and wines on tap, mocktails, sweet teas, and a single signature coffee.

But don’t worry – the coffee is worth checking out.

The Black Spire Brew is made with Joffrey’s coffee and mixed with honey, falernum, passionfruit, and citrus for the ultimate tangy sip.

oga's cantina
Image: www.instagram.com/dysneyluvv

5. Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo is also in Galaxy’s Edge and is known for serving the best coffee in Disneyland for cold brew fans.

The restaurant is heavily themed and makes you feel as though you’re dining inside a real-life hangar from the movies.

If you’re not sure what to order, the Cold Brew Black Caf is phenomenal. It’s topped with sweet cream cheese for smoothness and chocolate puffs for the ultimate crunch.

Image: www.instagram.com/thedisneypescatarian

Best Coffee in California Adventure Park

6. Gourmet Coffee Cart

The Gourmet Coffee Cart is tucked away by Paradise Pier, and it serves an incredible range of coffees.

It’s right by the Little Mermaid ride, so keep your eyes peeled!

It sells Joffrey’s coffee in regular form, but you can also grab Cappuccinos and Lattes.

If you’re visiting Disneyland in the fall, you need to grab the Pumpkin Crème Brûlée Cold Brew. It’s phenomenal and beats the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte any day of the week.

7. Schmoozies!

Schmoozies! is better known for serving fresh smoothies, but they also serve some of the best coffee in Disneyland.

It’s one of the better counter-service spots in California Adventure Park and serves Espressos, Caffe Mochas, Lattes, and Cappuccinos.

If you don’t enjoy hot coffee, you can also grab iced brews or the restaurant’s famous Affogato. It’s essentially a scoop of ice cream topped with Espresso and is totally nuts.

Throw in their donuts, cakes, and cookies, and it’s easy to see why Schmoozie’s is one of the most popular places to grab a coffee in Disneyland.

Image: www.instagram.com/disneversal.gal

8. Flo’s V8 Café

Okay, so Flo’s V8 Café may not have the most delicious coffee in Disneyland.

But it does have the best views.

You can spend a decent chunk of time watching cars zip around the Cadillac Range.

Just as a heads up, very few people stop on the patio area. So, it’s a great place to catch your breath after battling crowds all day.

If you’re not able to drink regular drip coffee, they sell decaf and hot cocoa too!

Image: www.instagram.com/ photograph.mex

9. Fiddler Fifer & Practical Café

Fiddler Fifer & Practical Café is the only place to grab Starbucks in California Adventure Park.

It’s located on Buena Vista Street and offers visitors a decent seating area, an amazing range of baked goods, and several fresh sandwiches.

You can either sit indoors or outdoors, but the patio area is wonderful for people-watching during the summer.

Just be aware that you can’t use the Starbucks App or any gift cards here. It’s a bummer, but it’s the rules I’m afraid!

practical cafe disneyland
Image: www.instagram.com/coheteboy

10. Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop

Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop is better known for serving ice cream sundaes and hot cocoa.

But did you know that it’s also home to some of the best coffee in Disneyland?

At this Pacific Wharf hotspot, you’ll be able to grab a selection of signature frozen Mochas, Lattes, and regular coffees.

The Frappes are particularly popular, and they’re usually made with Espresso shots, a mixture of syrups, and a bunch of whipped cream.

This is probably the place to be for uber-fancy coffee in Disneyland, so make sure you add it to your itinerary.

Image: www.instagram.com/jenwithlookingglasstravel

11. Carthay Circle Restaurant

If you want to grab a cup of coffee in an upscale environment, check out the Carthay Circle Restaurant.

Although you’ll have to pay through the nose for a brew, this place serves some of the best coffee in Disneyland.

The restaurant is inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood, and the décor is worth the price of any meal you’ll order.

The regular coffee is simple, but you can also order a selection of boozy coffees to dial things up.

The Irish Coffee and Vintage Coffee are both excellent, but the B-52 Coffee with Grand Marnier and Kahlúa deserves an honorable mention!

carthay restaurant
Image: www.instagram.com/themeparktraveler86

12. Lucky Fortune Cookery

Lucky Fortune Cookery is an Asian-inspired restaurant that’s tucked inside Pacific Wharf.

It serves dishes like Szechuan Chicken and Pork Ramen, but you’ll want to grab a hot green tea or the best Vietnamese Iced Coffee while you’re here.

The iced coffee is interesting, as it’s made with condensed milk as opposed to regular milk.

This gives it a thicker and bolder flavor compared to other cold brews at Disneyland.

Trust me when I say that it’s totally worth trying if you’re partial to sugar in your coffee!

lucky fortune cookie
Image: www.instagram.com/crazeoverdisney

Best Coffee in Downtown Disney

13 + 14. Starbucks

I couldn’t talk about the best coffee in Disneyland without mentioning the mighty Starbucks!

There are two different locations to grab a Starbucks in Downtown Disney – right by the Monorail and by World of Disney.

If I had to suggest just one to visit, it would be the World of Disney location as it’s simply beautiful. Everything from the patio to the interior is stunning – seriously.

So, you can easily watch the world go by in a pleasant location with a Starbucks Reserve roast or classic Frappuccino.

If you’re stepping right off the monorail, the Starbucks West location might be a better choice. It’s way smaller, but it’s an excellent place to stop for a coffee-to-go.

Both locations accept mobile orders, which makes it easier to plan your day around grabbing a cup of coffee.

starbucks disneyland
Image: www.instagram.com/thatawkwardtourist

15. La Brea Bakery

La Brea Bakery is one of the best places to visit if you’re looking for an Espresso, Americano, or cold brew coffee in Disneyland.

It’s proudly perched in Downtown Disney and is right by the promenade entrance.

It offers an indoor dining experience if you need to rest your legs, but you can also grab a quick cup of Joe from the walk-up window.

Unlike a few of the other coffee shops in Disneyland, La Brea Bakery offers Silverback Single Origin Rwanda Coffee (which is divine) and Chilled Nitro Coffee.

Just so you’re aware, these blends are strong and will leave you well and truly perked up.

If you want to grab something for the kiddos, the Ginger Lemonade and Hibiscus Lemonade are great options.

Oh, and they sell a great selection of craft beers and wines too!

Basically, this spot does it all.

La Brea Bakery
Image: www.instagram.com/kristina.ojdanic

16. Uva Bar

Uva Bar is right in the center of Downtown Disney, making it an ideal pitstop for a mid-afternoon caffeine fix.

It serves a selection of Mediterranean dishes, desserts, alcoholic drinks, and coffees.

It’s quite fancy, and you can spend an entire hour sampling their Spanish-style tapas, small plates, burgers, or sides if you’re feeling hungry.

When it comes to coffee, you’ll find Lavazza blends, Cappuccinos, Espressos, and cold brews.

If you’re not feeling the beans, their hot chocolates, iced teas, and signature lemonades are also worth trying.

This place is wonderful at any time of day, but I recommend stopping by in the evening when it’s all lit up!

Best Coffee in Disneyland Resorts

17. Hearthstone Lounge at the Grand Californian Hotel

The Hearthstone Lounge can be found inside the gorgeous Grand Californian Hotel.

It’s super-cozy and serves Joffrey’s Coffee and a few other hot drinks.

You’ll also find a range of fresh pastries and bakes that you can pick up if you’re looking for a light breakfast.

Although I’d usually suggest this spot for guests of the hotel, it’s just a few minutes from Downtown Disney.

So, it’s accessible for most Disney visitors who want to relax before a hectic day in the parks!

The classic coffees are their most popular picks, but you can also grab a Cold Brew XO which contains a decent serving of liquor.

If you’re 21 and over, of course!

Image: www.instagram.com/day_at_disneyparks

18. The Coffee House at The Disneyland Hotel

The Coffee House at the Disneyland Hotel is a pleasant spot for freshly brewed coffee and baked goods in Disneyland.

It’s not that popular as a sit-down spot as there’s currently no indoor seating. But it’s ideal for anyone who wants to walk to the parks with a coffee in hand.

You can expect to find Espressos, regular cups of coffee, Americanos, Cappuccinos, and Lattes on the menu.

If you’re on the hunt for a boozy beverage, the Baileys and Kahlua Frappes are both excellent choices.

But the crowning glory here is the famous cold brew. It’s the perfect pick-me-up for a summer’s day and pairs perfectly with their croissants.

Seriously, try dipping a butter croissant into a Cappuccino and then let me know how you feel about it!

19. Surfside Lounge at Paradise Pier Hotel

***As of September 2022, this restaurant is temporarily closed. It’s looking to reopen as soon as possible, so stay tuned!

The Surfside Lounge is tucked away in the lobby of the Paradise Pier Hotel and is a comfortable beach-side eatery that channels the best of California’s surf scene.

It’s a simple place to stop for breakfast and a cup of coffee before heading to the parks.

I’ll usually order a portion of Eggs Benedict or French toast if I’m staying at the hotel. But it’s equally easy to stop by for a coffee to-go if you’re rushing to make rope-drop.

This place is known for its Café Mochas, Lattes, Americanos, Cappuccinos, and Espressos. If you prefer tea, you can grab a selection of herbal or black teas by Twinings.

While you’re sipping a brew, you can order the kiddos lime juice, watermelon lemonade, or a Mickey Rice Krispie treat to keep them occupied!

Surfside Lounge Disney Coffee
Image: Courtesy of Disney

FAQs About the Best Coffee in Disneyland

Where can you find the best cold brew coffee in Disneyland?

I’d say that the Coffee House in the Disneyland Hotel is the best spot for a cold brew.

If you want a cold brew with an alcoholic kick, then the Hearthstone Lounge at the Grand Californian is the place to be!

Need to be closer to the parks? Check out one of the Starbucks locations in Downtown Disney.

Can you get a Latte at Disneyland?

You can absolutely get a Latte at Disneyland!

Most of the coffee shops in Disneyland serve regular Lattes, so just take your pick!

Where is the coffee in Galaxy’s Edge?

If you’re visiting the famous Star Wars Land, you can pick up a coffee at Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo or Oga’s Cantina.

Both spots serve delicious coffee in an incredible atmosphere, making them two of my favorite spots for coffee in Disneyland.

I hope that this guide to the best coffee in Disneyland has helped you plan your trip.

After all, no trip to the House of Mouse is complete without a spot of caffeine!

Do you have a favorite place to grab a coffee in Disneyland? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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best coffee in disneyland

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