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95 Mandalorian Quotes That’ll Make You Start a Rewatch

May 4, 2023

Are you on the hunt for a handful of Mandalorian quotes that will show you the way? Join me as I run through my all-time favorite Mandalorian sayings that’ll have you itching to start a rewatch!

By the time The Mandalorian dropped its first episode, I’d already worked through all the Star Wars movies.

And yep – I was one of those people that didn’t manage to catch any of them in the movie theaters (oops!).

I was so drawn in by the fabulous cinematography and the interesting take on the Star Wars Universe.

But what sold me on The Mandalorian was Pedro Pascal (who’s a complete legend!) and the adorable Grogu.

I mean, there’s a reason that little guy has spawned tons of merch at the Disney Parks!

Whether you want to relive your favorite episodes or are looking for some Mando-related words of wisdom – I’ve got you.

This list of Mandalorian quotes will have you loading up Disney+ and transporting yourself straight to Mandalore.

Hey, I don’t make the rules.

What is The Mandalorian?

The Mandalorian is an American space Western series that was created exclusively for Disney+.

Believe it or not, it’s the first live-action Star Wars series and is set 5 years after Return of the Jedi.

So, that’s after the Empire has fallen and before the First Order recruitment happens!

It follows the story of The Mandalorian (known as Din Djarin) who is a bounty hunter hired to capture The Child (Grogu).

And that’s because this little creature is Force-sensitive and incredibly valuable.

But once he looks into Grogu’s eyes, he decides to take The Child (who’s actually 50 years old) along with him instead!

I mean, I don’t blame him – just look at that thing.

Who Created The Mandalorian?

The Mandalorian was written and produced by the actor (and producer!) Jon Favreau and was released in 2019.

In terms of direction, the series premiere was headed up by Dave Filoni who is best known for Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

But the concept was created by George Lucas under the Lucasfilm umbrella.

It was released directly to the Disney+ streaming service (which is a huge income-earner for Disney, BTW!).

It stars Pedro Pascal as the primary lead, but you’ll also spot Gina Carano, Carl Weathers, and Giancarlo Esposito!

Among others, of course.

How Long Is The Mandalorian?

Each episode is around 30 minutes to 55 minutes long and each season is split into 8 episodes.

Funny Mandalorian Quotes

1.“Sewers are good!” – Cara Dune

2. “No squeezie…bad baby” – Anzellan

3. “That was unpleasant, I’m sorry you had to see that.” – IG 11

4. “You know you’re not so bad for a droid.” — The Mandalorian

5. “Well, looks like this planet’s taken.” — The Mandalorian

6. “Its kind were enemies; this one is not.” – Armorer


8. “So, this is a Mandalorian. I thought they’d be bigger.” – Burg

9. “I did disintegrate a few of them.” – The Mandalorian

10. “Yeah, no droids. You don’t have to say it twice. I heard you. Womp Rat.” – Peli

Best Mandalorian Quotes

11. “Bad news. You can’t live here anymore.” — The Mandalorian

12. “She’s no good to us dead.” — The Mandalorian

13. “Funny, the man who left me behind is now my savior.” – Qin

14. “I was a foundling. They raised me in the Fighting Corps. I was treated as one of their own. When I came of age, I was sworn to the Creed. The only record of my family name was in the registers of Mandalore. Moff Gideon was an ISB officer during the purge. That’s how I know it’s him.” – The Mandalorian

15. “You’re a Guild traitor, Mando.” -Toro

16. “You have something I want. You may think you have some idea of what you have in your possession, but you do not. Soon, he will be back with me. He means more to me than you will ever know.” — The Mandalorian

17. “I’ll see you again. I promise.” — The Mandalorian

18. “Perhaps he remembers I tried to roast him.”

19. “No droids.”

20. “Real backwater skug hole. Means it’s perfect for us.” — The Mandalorian

21. “These tunnels will be lousy with Imps in a matter of minutes. We should at least discuss an escape plan.” – Cara Dune

22. “Thank you. I will wear this with honor.” – The Mandalorian

23. “That droid was designed to kill things. I don’t care how much wiring he replaced; it goes against his nature.” – The Mandalorian

24. IG-11: I need to remove your helmet if I am to save you.

The Mandalorian: Try it and I’ll kill you. It is forbidden. No living thing has seen me without my helmet since I swore the Creed.

IG-11: I am not a living thing.

25. “Please lower your blasters, he will not harm you. It will protect.” -Kuiil

26. “Droids are not good or bad, they are neutral reflections of those who imprint them.” -Kuiil

27. The Mandalorian: We need you.

IG-11: There is nothing to be sad about. I have never been alive.

The Mandalorian: I’m not… sad.

IG-11: Yes, you are. I’m a nurse droid. I’ve analyzed your voice.

More Incredible Mandalorian Quotes

28. Armorer: Show me the one whose safety deemed such destruction.

The Mandalorian: [IG unveils the Child] This is the one.

Armorer: This is the one that you hunted, then saved?

The Mandalorian: Yes. The one that saved me, as well.

Armorer: From the mudhorn?

The Mandalorian: Yes.

Armorer: It looks helpless.

The Mandalorian: It’s injured, but it is not helpless. Its species can move objects with its mind.

Armorer: I know of such things. The songs of eons past tell of battles between Mandalore the Great and an order of sorcerers called Jedi that fought with such powers.

The Mandalorian: It is an enemy?

Armorer: No. Its kind were enemies, but this individual is not.

The Mandalorian: [declining Karga’s offer] I’m afraid I have more pressing matters at hand. [Cara walks up and gently touches the Child’s ear]

Cara Dune: Take care of this little one. Greef Karga : Or maybe, it’ll take care of you.

29. “I’m already free of worry- and I’m not in the mood to play soldier anymore.” – Cara Dune

30. “Stop touching things.” — The Mandalorian

31. The Mandalorian: You’re staying here?

Greef Karga: Well, why not? Nevarro is a very fine planet. And now that the scum and villainy have been washed away, it’s very respectable again.

The Mandalorian: As a bounty hunter hive?

Greef Karga: Some of my favorite people are bounty hunters.

32. “You are a Mandalorian. Surely you can ride this young bull.” – The Mandalorian

33. “Suns are down, time to ride, Mando!” – Toro

34. “A Mandalorian. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen your kind.” -Fennec

Inspirational Mandalorian Quotes

35. IG-11: Please tell me the child will be safe in your care. If you do so, I can default to my secondary command.

The Mandalorian: But you’ll be destroyed.

IG-11: And you will live, and I will have served my purpose.

36. “I HAVE SPOKEN” – Ugnaught

37. “She’s no good to us dead.” -Mando

38. Greef Karga: This is the lava river.

The Mandalorian: The ferry droid is fried.

Greef Karga: Yeah, but if we push the boat out, we can get it to float downstream. Come on.

The Mandalorian: Looks old. Will it take the heat?

Greef Karga: You got a better idea?

The Mandalorian: Guess not.

39. “This is the way.” – The Mandalorian

40. “Our secrecy is our survival. Our survival is our strength.” – The Armorer

41. “Bounty Hunting is a complicated profession.” – The Client

42. “You want to be a bounty hunter? Make the best deal for yourself and survive!” – Fennec Shand

43. “Unless we show them how.” – The Mandalorian

44. “You got two problems here. You got the bandits and you got the mech. We’ll handle the AT-ST. You gotta protect us when they come out of the woods. And I don’t have to tell you how dangerous they are.” – The Mandalorian

45. “Fennec Shand is an elite mercenary. She made her name killing for all the top crime syndicates- including the Hutts. If you go after her, you won’t make it past sunrise.” – Mando

Mandalorian Quotes About Grogu (The Child!)

46. “They will not be satisfied with anything less than the child. This is unacceptable. I will eliminate the enemy and you will escape.” – IG-11

47. The Mandalorian: The kid’s coming with me.

The Client: Such a large bounty for such a small package.

48. “You put the bounty down and perhaps I’ll let you pass.” – Greef Carga

49. The Mandalorian: What is it?

Kuiil: What it is, I don’t know. But what it does, this I’ve heard rumors of.

50. “Do not cast doubt upon that of what I am nor whom I shall serve.” – Kuiil

51. “He’ll get over it. We all do.” – The Mandalorian

52. “Come on, Baby. Do the magic hand thing.” – Greef Karga

53. Cara: Take care of this little one.

Greef Karga: Or maybe it will take care of you.

54. The Mandalorian: Wherever I go, he goes.

Gor Koresh: So I’ve heard.

55. “I’ve been quested to bring him to his kind. If I can locate other Mandalorians, they can help guide me.” -The Mandalorian

56. Cobb Vanth: We gonna do this in front of the kid?

The Mandalorian: He’s seen worse.

More Quotes About Baby Yoda

57. “And you come here, little one. Have you been taking good care of him?” – Greef Karga

58. “Grogu and I can feel each other’s thoughts.” – Ahsoka

59. “The Force is what gives him his powers.” – Ahsoka

60. “You’re very special, kid.” – Mando

61. “I’ve already got what I want from him. His blood. All I wanted was to study his blood.” – Moff Gideon

62. “This child is extremely gifted and has been blessed with rare properties that have the potential to bring order back to the galaxy.” -Moff Gideon

63. “That’s who you belong with. He’s one of your kind.” – The Mandalorian

64. “I have it. I’ve got the egg.” – The Mandalorian

65. “When one chooses to walk the way of the Mandalore, you are both hunter and prey.” – The Mandalorian

66. “I’m going to look after you until the Mandalorian gets back. And then I’m gonna charge him extra for watching you.” – Peli

67. “Return to Navarro. Bring the child as bait.” – Greef Karga

68. “Let’s make the baby do the magic hand thing. Baby, do the magic hand thing!” – Greef Karga

Din Djarin Quotes

69. “Never trust a pirate.”

70. “Being a Mandalorian’s not just learning about how to fight.”

71. “I can bring you in warm, or I can bring you in cold.”

72. “YOU UNDERSTAND THIS?” (Just before he throws a flamethrower!)

73. “You want some soup?”

74. “Bad news. You can’t live here anymore.”

75. “I like those odds.”

76. “Do not self-destruct. We’re shooting our way out.”

77. “I’m a Mandalorian. Weapons are part of my religion.”

78. “I only know of this weapon what you taught me. To be honest, it means nothing to me or my people. Nor does station or bloodline. What means more to me is honor. And loyalty. And character. These are the reasons I serve you, Lady Kryze. Your song is not yet written. I will serve you until it is.”

79. “What are you doing? Stop, Grogu. No. You have to pay for those.”

80. “Grogu is too young to operate heavy machinery. Maybe when he’s older…”

81. “I am Mandalorian Din Djarin, friend of Ugnaught Kuiil. You will answer our questions and help us with our task. I have spoken.”

82. “You had me at “battle droids.”

83. “He is too young to speak the Creed, and so, too young to wear a helmet.”

84. “A Mandalorian has to understand maps and know their way around. That way, you’ll never be lost.”

85. “Help me rescue the Child and you can have whatever you want. He is my only priority.”

More Amazing Din Djarin Quotes

86. “Loyalty and solidarity are the way.”

87. “Being a Mandalorian’s not just learning about how to fight, you also have to know how to navigate the galaxy, because you never know where you might be headed next.”

88. “A Mandalorian and a Jedi? They’ll never see it coming.”

89. Peli Motto: I wouldn’t rely too much on this one. Its circuitry is a little fragile.

Din Djarin: I thought you said it was built for adventure. You ready for an adventure?

90. (Droid pushes down the bust of Greef Karga on a malfunctioning IG-11…) “Now that’s using your head.”

91. (Grogu is trying out the IG-12…)

Greef Karga: Will you look at that?

Grogu: Yes.

Din Djarin: “Yes” what?

Grogu: Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes…

92. “They tend to get mad when you hijack their ships.”

93. “What are your plans for it?”

94. “They work for the Empire. What are they doing here?”

95. “Here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna walk to my ship, with the kid. And you’re gonna let it happen.”


What is the Mandalorian catchphrase?

If I were to pick out one Mandalorian saying that is THE quote, it’s:

“This is the Way”.

I mean, come on – that’s cool!

What is the Mandalorian oath?

Mandalorians live by a specific oath and creed that combines loyalty with solidarity and helpfulness.

Though of course, it can be interpreted different ways.

The words of the creed are as follows:

“I swear on my name and the names of the ancestors… That I shall walk the Way of the Mand’alor… And the words of the Creed shall be forever forged in my heart. This is the Way.”

It’s also said that saving a foundling is one of the highest honors of the creed!

So, that explains why the Mandalorians value The Child (AKA: Baby Yoda or Grogu) highly.

Why do the Mandalorians say “This is the Way”?

Okay, the Mandalorians say “This is the Way” because it’s part of the ancient creed of Mandalore.

It’s designed to remind the Mandalorians that they must uphold old-school traditions and never take off their helmets.

Because obviously, that’s the biggest sin a Mandalorian can commit!

How do Mandalorians greet each other?

Mandalorians greet each other with a traditional handshake that involves grasping the forearm above the wrist.

It’s said to represent the strength required to haul one another to safety.

How do Mandalorians kiss?

As removing helmets is not a thing for Mandalorians, they typically rest their heads against another person’s forehead.

While wearing their helmets.

But otherwise, Mandalorians kiss in the typical way by removing their helmets in private.

How do Mandalorians say I love you?

The way Mandalorians say I love you is actually quite beautiful.

They utter the word “Ni kar’tayl gar darasuum” which translates to “I will know you forever”.

There you have it: the ultimate list of Mandalorian quotes that’ll have you beelining for Disney+!

Do you have any favorite Mandalorian quotes that I’ve missed out? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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