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The Best Disney World Hotels for Toddlers + Booking Tips!

September 27, 2022

Are you traveling to Disney World with young kids in tow? If so, read ahead to uncover the best Disney World hotels for toddlers!

Traveling with toddlers can be tricky at the best of times. You might be trying to tackle tantrums from overtiredness. Or maybe you’re battling the urge to squeeze their chubby cheeks as you’re queueing for “It’s a Small World”.  

Whatever it is, you’re bound to be exhausted at the end of the day.

If you’d like to make your trip as pain-free as possible, you may want to learn about the best Disney World hotels for toddlers that will keep them happy.

It goes without saying that your toddler might not remember the entire trip. But staying in the right hotel can make a parent’s life way easier.

And really, what could be better than that?

As there are over 20 amazing Disney World resorts that you can choose from while booking, the process can feel overwhelming.

To help you out, I’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers.

Covering everything from hotels with great pools to resorts with babysitting services, you should walk away with everything you’ll need to get booking!

Now let’s dive in.

Things to Consider When Booking the Best Disney World Hotels for Toddlers

Your child’s interests and favorite characters

You probably won’t be booking a hotel purely based on your toddler.

But it’s always worth taking their interests into account to make the trip as magical as possible.

While the Grand Floridian is a gorgeous resort, toddlers simply aren’t going to appreciate the bougie Victorian architecture and classy rooms.

But will they appreciate the Lion King-themed rooms at the Art of Animation Resort?

You bet.

What your priorities are

Do you value staying at Disney hotels on the monorail for easy access to Magic Kingdom?

Will you be heading back to your hotel for afternoon naps?

Are you trying to do Disney World on a budget?

Your top priorities will determine which hotel you should stay at during your trip.

If you’re planning to stay late at the parks to watch the fireworks, you probably won’t want to manage a long trip back to your accommodation with a tired tyke in tow.

But if you’re planning to call things quits late in the afternoon for each day of your trip, you should be fine!

It’s also worth noting that most of the toddler-friendly rides at Disney World are in Magic Kingdom.

This means you’ll probably be better off staying in one of the closest hotels to Magic Kingdom to avoid long walks or uncomfortable transfers each morning.

Also, if you’re not booking a car, make sure you’ve checked that your hotel has adequate transportation to the park.

Otherwise, you’ll be in deep trouble!

Dining options

Some Disney hotels have better dining options than others.

This doesn’t need to completely sway your decision as the restaurants are open to all guests.

But it’s certainly sweeter to waltz in for a last-minute meal than deliberately travel to a hotel after a long day at the parks.

If you’re happy to save cash and grab a quick-service meal or breakfast at Disney Springs, this shouldn’t be an issue regardless.

The type of room you’re booking

Do you need to splurge on a suite to fit a cot or play mat?

Is a balcony going to be too dangerous for little ones?

Are you going through clothes like crazy and need a washer-dryer to keep things clean?

Will you need access to a pool?

These are all fair questions that you should think about before pinning down the best Disney hotels for your toddlers.

The Best Disney World Hotels for Toddlers

In this list below, you’ll find a list of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers divided by budget.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to splash out on a deluxe resort or keep things cheap with a value resort.

There’s bound to be something on this list that floats your boat and keeps tantrums at bay.

Well, hopefully!

Deluxe Disney Resorts for Toddlers

Animal Kingdom Lodge

Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of the best Disney resorts for toddlers who love animals.

As you’re set inside the 43-acre wildlife reserve at the Disney World Resort, you’ll be able to spot everything from giraffes to zebras and ostriches as you get ready to hit the parks.

Aside from the incredible views, Animal Kingdom also has an uber-relaxed feel that helps parents unwind after a tough day.

Whether you choose to relax by collapsing into a lush bed or hitting the Zahanati Massage & Fitness Center, this resort has got you covered.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you, there’s a zero-entry pool with a waterslide and an excellent playground onsite (Hakuna Matata Playground).

Oh, and did I mention that the lodge runs educational activities for preschoolers?

Although you’ll probably be in the parks when these are being held, these activities are ideal for lazy afternoons and perking kids up after midday naps.

And if you’re really struggling – simply leave the kiddos with the in-room babysitting service while you go and enjoy date night!

Standout features for toddlers:

  • An onsite playground
  • 2 great pools
  • A babysitting service
  • Several educational activities for preschoolers
  • Views of the wildlife reserve from most rooms

Contemporary Resort

contemporary resort disney world

Next on my list of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers, we have the Contemporary Resort.

Now, this spot is one of the Disney hotels on the monorail and it’s as close as you can get to the parks if you’re planning to walk in each day.

It’s tucked between the Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake and is just 9 minutes from Magic Kingdom (which is ideal for afternoon naps!).

A few rooms offer views of the Disney World fireworks.

But you’ll also be able to catch the Electrical Water Pageant if your toddler can’t hold out until the park closes.

The restaurants at the Contemporary Resort are excellent.

Although Chef Mickey’s will always be my favorite (it’s one of the best spots for character dining at Disney World!), the California Grill is also a great option for families.

The standard rooms here can sleep up to 5 guests and kiddos under 3 will be able to sleep in a crib.

The décor is relatively low-key, but several rooms have been renovated to include nods to The Incredibles and other popular Disney flicks.

But if your kiddo is on the hunt for a heavily-themed room – you might want to skip this spot.

Check this video out for a tour of the Incredibles rooms!

The pools aren’t mind-blowing, but they’re good enough for most families with young kids.

If you’re not feeling the pools, I’d honestly recommend going fishing or sailing with little ones for a couple of hours as you’re right on the lake.

But the main reason that I feel the Contemporary Resort is one of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers, is the babysitting service.

Not only is the kids’ pool manned by a lifeguard, but the resort offers to babysit your kiddos while you enjoy some quiet time.

Standout features for toddlers:

  • Babysitting services
  • Water-based activities
  • Several pools
  • Adjoining rooms
  • High safety and cleaning standards for peace of mind

Beach Club Resort

Image Credit: www.instagram.com/1magicalplace

If you’re searching for the best Disney World hotels for toddlers that have great (and I mean GREAT!) pools, check out the Beach Club Resort.

In addition to its main pool area at Stormalong Bay, this spot boasts a water slide, a lazy river, and a mini water park that you’ll struggle to drag your kids away from.

Alongside the top-notch pools, you’ll also have access to several jogging trails, tennis courts, volleyball courts, a spa, a fitness center, and seriously comfortable rooms.


There’s a lot to love about Disney’s Beach Club Resort, but one of the major selling points is the fact that it’s incredibly close to EPCOT.

Believe it or not, you can leave the resort and be at EPCOT’s International Gateway in just 5 minutes.

This is a huge benefit if you’re planning to hit EPCOT at rope drop but fancy recouping by the pool in the afternoon.

If you’re heading to Hollywood Studios, you can also hop on the Skyliner Gondolas to get there in no time.

The standard rooms are sizeable and come in at 380 square feet.

The décor isn’t much to write home about in terms of theming, but you can expect nautical vibes and light nods to Disney.

Overall, it’s a great choice for parents who want to be close to the parks without staying in an overly “themed” resort.

Standout features for toddlers:

  • Seriously impressive pools
  • A lazy river
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Very close to EPCOT

Caribbean Beach Resort

Disney Caribbean Beach resort best disney world resorts for toddlers
Image: Courtesy of Disney

The Caribbean Beach Resort will always make it onto any list I make about the best Disney World hotels for toddlers.

And that’s because it’s designed with kids in mind.

Not only does it boast an enormous main pool with a splash zone, but kiddos will have access to a playground and tons of space to roam free.

Although you might be concerned about safety with all the water around this resort – don’t be.

There are always several lifeguards on duty around the pool areas, so you needn’t worry about any tragic accidents around here.

Another thing that makes the Caribbean Beach Resort one of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers is its size.

Spanning an incredible 200 acres, you’ll have plenty of space to roam around, calm down tired tykes, and go for a relaxing walk in the evenings.

And hey, the lake views don’t hurt either!

Whether you’re searching for clean and simple rooms or top-notch service and a great pool, this spot promises to be one of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers.

Standout features for toddlers:

  • Tons of space
  • A dedicated playground area
  • A large pool
  • Plenty of breathing room

Polynesian Village Resort

Image: www.instagram.com/onelittlespark_adventures

The Polynesian Village Resort is another one of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers that’s right on the monorail.

But that’s not the only way you can travel between the hotel and the parks!

You can also hop on the boats that run here if you’d like a slightly more relaxing journey along the water.

When it comes to convenience for parents, it doesn’t really get much sweeter.

Not only will you be within a few minutes of Magic Kingdom, but you can easily get back to your resort after the nighttime fireworks.

If you’re lucky, you can even request a room that offers breathtaking views of the fireworks!

Just be aware that this will set you back a lot of money.

If you’re not too fussed about a theme park view, I suggest opting for a standard or pool view to save a bit of cash.

Alongside the beautiful tiki-adorned lobby area, you’ll also be blown away by the resort’s sandy beach, several pools (including the Lava Pool and the Oasis Pool), and gorgeous views over Seven Seas Lagoon.

But that’s not all!

You’ll also have access to a few wonderful onsite restaurants including Ohana, Kona Café, Capt. Cook’s, and Pineapple Lanai (which serves Disney Dole Whip, BTW!).

Standout features for toddlers:

  • Several great pools
  • Bright and eye-catching décor dotted all over the hotel
  • Rooms that offer views of the fireworks for when kids are simply too tired to stay at the parks
  • Direct access to the monorail

Moderate Disney Resorts for Toddlers

Port Orleans Resort

Image Credit: Courtesy of Disney

Disney’s Port Orleans Resort is split into 2 separate branches – the French Quarter and the Riverside Resort.

Not only is this the only place where you can grab beignets at Disney World, but the accommodation is incredibly comfortable and the atmosphere here is wonderful.

If you’re traveling with slightly older children, then you can keep them occupied at the Medicine Show Arcade.

But you can also hit the large resort playground if you’ve only got a toddler in tow!

One of the things that makes this place one of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers is the additional activities on offer.

Although you’ll be spending most of your time in the parks, the Campfire on de’Bayou night is a beautiful way to bond with your family.

You essentially roast marshmallows by a fire and it’s super cute.

If your kiddos are pool fanatics, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Port Orleans Resort boasts 5 outdoor swimming pools.

3 of these are in the Alligator Bayou and 2 are in Magnolia Bend.

For parents that would prefer to stick with the age-appropriate pools, just head to the Muddy Rivers Pool Bar where you’ll find a small kiddie pool where entertainment is hosted throughout the day.

Image Credit: www.instagram.com/mcali187

Whether you spend your time hitting the pools or sleeping soundly in the large rooms, you’re bound to agree that this is one of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers!

Standout features for toddlers:

  • Several excellent pools (including a dedicated kiddie pool)
  • Comfortable rooms that sleep up to 5
  • Video game arcade
  • Tons of additional activities

Value Disney Resorts for Toddlers

Art of Animation

Image Credit: www.instagram.com/see.wdw

Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is a relatively new kid on the block as it only opened in 2012.

But it’s quickly gained traction with families and has become one of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers in the “Value” bracket.

Although I’ve stayed here before as an adult traveling with other adults, I’ve always felt that this place was perfect for young children.

The décor is heavily themed and includes characters from movies like Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, and Cars. However, I’ll always have a soft spot for the Lion King rooms!

Image Credit: www.instagram.com/tradzak

It’s worth noting that this place is large as it’s home to over 1984 rooms that can sleep up to six people. This makes this one of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers and a great option for larger families.

The Art of Animation Resort is one of the cheapest Disney hotels around, but I’ve never felt that I was “missing out” by staying here.

This is because there are multiple themed pools, several play areas, and you’ll still receive all the usual benefits of staying onsite.

Overall, I’d say that this was one of the best Disney hotels for toddlers who love bright colors, can’t get enough of characters, and enjoy simple food.

It’s worth mentioning that there aren’t any table-service offerings here.

But you can easily plop yourselves down at the food court for a quick-service bite before turning in for the night.

Standout features for toddlers:

  • Larger-than-life décor (including sculptures!)
  • Bright theming
  • Comfortable (but basic) rooms
  • Several pools
  • Kid-friendly suites

Pop Century Resort

Image Credit: Courtesy of Disney

The Pop Century Resort is another one of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers that’s under the “Value” umbrella.

The theming focuses less on classic Disney movies and instead draws influence from major hits of the 1950s and 60s.

Although the rooms aren’t particularly special, the pools are quite impressive.

Guests will have access to the Hippy Dippy Pool, the Bowling Pool, and the Computer Pool which are all kid friendly.

What’s more, the pools are heated which is perfect for keeping your child’s temperature regulated at a pleasant 82 degrees.

Alongside the awesome pools, you can partake in campfire activities and go fishing on the lake if you’re feeling up to it!

If you’d like to explore the parks or other resorts during your stay, you may want to take advantage of Pop Century’s babysitting services.

This service isn’t offered directly by Disney, but the company’s vetting system is meticulous.

While they’re being looked after, your kids will play fun games, be read to, and will often be entertained with a Disney movie or two!

Pop Century may be a Value resort, but it remains one of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers – hands down.

Standout features for toddlers:

  • Babysitting services with excellent entertainment
  • Several heated pools
  • Comfortable rooms
  • Fun 1950s and 60s theming

All-Star Movies Resort

Image Credit: www.instagram.com/gemmasummer

The final spot on our list of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers is the All-Star Movies Resort!

This is another “Value” resort and it’s tucked away in the Bay Lake area of the Walt Disney World Resort.

Now, there are several things that pushed this onto my shortlist of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers.

The first thing is access to adjoining rooms.

I completely get that you might want a bit of time away from your kiddos, but you’ll probably still want to monitor them throughout your stay.

With connecting rooms, this should be a breeze!

If the rooms themselves weren’t enough of a draw, you might be pleased to know that this resort offers babysitting services. Although this comes with an additional surcharge, the prices should fit into most trip budgets.

Throw in the onsite playground, the entertainment areas, and the regular movies that stream at The Reel Spot, and it’s easy to see why this is one of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers!

Oh, and did I mention that kids under 2 years old stay FREE?

What doesn’t this place offer?

Standout features for toddlers:

  • Kids under 2 years old stay free
  • Adjoining rooms
  • Excellent entertainment
  • Fun movie theming

Booking Tips

Book well in advance of your stay

You’ll want to book your hotels way in advance of your stay to make sure you can get the views and room types that you’re looking for.

Although you can grab a few deals last minute, prices rarely decrease as you get closer to your theoretical date!

For example, All Star Movies, Copper Creek Resort, Animal Kingdom Lodge, and similar spots all shoot up in price as you get closer.

Buy costumes in advance

If your hotel sells princess costumes, then you will struggle to pull your child away from the gift shop.

I highly recommend buying any costumes in advance to avoid the tantrums and save some serious cash.

Bring entertainment!

It’s so important to bring a few amazing travel toys for babies and toddlers along for the queue rides.

Whether that’s their favorite plush, a book, or something that engages their mind, you’ll have a much easier time if you plan ahead!

Don’t skip naps

Before deciding on which Disney World hotel to book, you’ll want to consider the fact that you will need to take nap breaks.

It’s tempting to power through an entire day, but your toddler is bound to get tetchy as the day wears on.

Sure, it’s more expensive, but staying in a Deluxe resort that’s closer to the park gates can often pay for itself on the convenience front.

There you have it: my ultimate rundown of the best Disney World hotels for toddlers!

As you can see, there are several great options that are geared towards families with young children.

So, whether you’re on the hunt for an amazing pool or simply need to save cash on your hotel booking, there’s bound to be something on this list that impresses you.

Which spots do you think are the best Disney World hotels for toddlers?

 I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments below!

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