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Disney World Balloons: The Ultimate Guide (+ How to Get Them Home!)

January 2, 2023

If you’ve been on the hunt for information about Disney World balloons (or want to know how long they last!), you’ve come to the right place. Read ahead for the answers to every question about Disney balloons!

There are a few things that instantly make you think of Disney World. In my mind, it’s buckets of popcorn, super-fast rides, princesses, and Disney World balloons!

Although these aesthetic balloons are usually bought for kiddos (as they love them), they’re also a popular souvenir for adults who want to jazz up their Insta feeds.

You’ve probably seen Disney World balloons around Main Street.

But have you ever wondered what happens if they’re popped? Or do you want to know how long Disney World balloons last? Perhaps you’re trying to figure out how to bring your balloon home.

Well, I’ve put together the ultimate guide to Disney World balloons that will answer all your questions.

So let’s dive in!

Everything You Need to Know About Disney Balloons

What are Disney World Balloons?

Disney World balloons are essentially the quintessential balloons that you’ll see around the parks that are filled with helium.

They’re a major part of Walt Disney World’s (and Disneyland’s!) merchandise history and they’re adored by kids.

Tie them to a stroller, try to stop your toddlers from letting them go – you name it, Disney balloons will be along for the ride!

I’d say that they’re up there with the most popular Disney World souvenirs along with spirit jerseys, Mickey ears, and plush toys.

It’s worth noting that they look slightly different depending on which park you visit.

At Walt Disney World they’re translucent and circular with a Mickey mouse colored balloon stuffed inside. If you’re heading to Paris, they’ll have the faces of Mickey and Minnie on them!

Whichever Disney balloons you’re purchasing, they’re bound to bring kiddos joy – trust me on that one.

Can You Pay for Disney World Balloons with Card?

As of 2021, vendors can now take credit cards and cash for balloons.

This applies to stores in Disney Springs and all areas around the park.


How Long Do Disney Balloons Last?

Although Disney World balloons are on the pricey side, they can last anywhere from 3 – 6 weeks if they’re cared for properly.

I KNOW right?!

So in theory, it can last for the entire length of your trip!

And if your balloon pops while you’re at the park, you can get a replacement without paying an extra cent.

This is a great deal if you’re traveling to Disney World with toddlers who might get slightly handsy with their helium-filled goodies.

If you want your balloon to last as long as possible, I recommend going for the classic Mickey balloon as it’s slightly hardier than the foil versions.

It’s always sad when Disney balloons finally deflate.

But there’s no reason you can’t get creative and frame your souvenir or repurpose it into something else!

What Kind of Disney Balloons Can You Buy?

The most popular Disney World balloons are the classic translucent balloons with a colorful Mickey head inside them.

The colors inside can be anything from red or blue to pink, orange, and purple. The reds and blues are always in stock, but you might need to shop around for other options.

You can also grab foil balloons with character heads on them.

But these tend to be slightly less popular as they don’t pop quite as much in photos.

disney world balloons

How Expensive Are Disney Balloons?

The regular colored balloons cost $15 at Disney World (they’ve recently gone up from $14!), with the light-up versions coming in at $18.

The light-up balloons are fabulous if you lose your stroller at any point, BTW! You can also pop your balloon at the end of its life and keep the colored wand around your house.

Talk about multi-use souvenirs!

If you want to grab a foil balloon with a character face on it, these will set you back around $14.

Just be warned that these prices can change at short notice and at any time.

So, don’t be surprised if you’re paying slightly more or less than this during your trip.

I’d say the OG, colored balloons are the most attractive balloons that kids tend to gravitate towards. But it’s usually a good idea to let your little ones choose their favorite design (or you’ll risk tantrums!).

And if you think about how much Disney World makes a day, balloons probably add a decent amount to their total profit figure.

Okay, I’m joking – but they’re still an incredibly lucrative souvenir for the company!

Are Disney World Balloons Worth It?

If you’re wondering whether Disney World balloons are worth it, I’d say that it’s up to the individual family.

As a Millennial who usually visits the parks with my partner, I give them a miss as I just don’t have anywhere to store them!

And honestly, I’d rather buy Dole Whip, drink around the world, or grab a Loungefly bag with my cash!

But if you’re traveling with kids (and have a stroller handy!), then you can easily tie the balloon to your stroller so it won’t get in the way.

Where Can I Buy Disney World Balloons?

You can buy Disney World balloons at tons of small stores and stalls at Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Hollywood Studios.

You won’t find them at Animal Kingdom as they’re considered a threat to the animals onsite.

I’d say that you should start your trip by picking up Disney balloons at the entrance of the Magic Kingdom or around the Magic Kingdom Hub.

I’ve always seen them as a piece of décor for strollers, but they’re also perfect for taking those iconic park photos (with matching Instagram captions, of course!).

If you’d prefer to visit Hollywood Studios, you can grab them near parade routes or along Hollywood Boulevard.

You’ll need to wait until night falls before the light-up balloons come out to play.

So, don’t hassle the Cast Members about these Disney balloons until it’s dark out!

If you’re visiting Disneyland, you’ll find them at Disneyland Park on Main Street and near Buena Vista Street in California Adventure.

disney world balloons

Can you go on rides with Disney balloons?

You can’t go on rides with Disney World balloons as they’d pose quite a risk to those around you.

I mean, you don’t want to be flying around on Space Mountain with Disney balloons whacking you in the face.

Trust me.

But don’t worry – you can take your Disney balloons in the line with you and just leave them with a Cast Member until you’re done.

Alternatively, just tie them to your stroller and they should be safe and sound.

I get that you might be worried about theft if you leave them on strollers as Disney balloons aren’t cheap.

But thieves will probably be spotted and sent right to Disney World Jail or a Cast Member will happily replace your stolen Disney balloons for you.

Just explain the situation and you’ll probably be fine! Phew.

And don’t worry, theft at Disney World really isn’t common anyway!


How long do Disney World balloons stay inflated?

They stay inflated anywhere from 3 – 6 weeks, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your Disney balloons!

Do Disney balloons have a lifetime warranty?

Sadly they don’t have a lifetime warranty. But Disney will replace your balloons if they pop during your visit. And really, you can’t expect more than that!

Can you take Disney balloons on an airplane?

Believe it or not – you can!

But they’ll need to be deflated first as a fully-inflated helium balloon is a no-go for every single airline.

You can try and deflate Disney balloons on your own, but I’d advise popping to the Magic of Disney store inside the Orlando International Airport (MCO) before leaving.

It’s tucked away in the East Hall inside the Main Terminal and is pretty easy to spot.

They’ll do it safely for you without making any holes, giving you the power to reinflate your balloon once you’re home!

Can you have balloons at Animal Kingdom?

No, you can’t buy or use Disney balloons at Animal Kingdom.

This is to keep the animals inside the park safe from the balloons and their materials.

So, make sure you remember this rule, or your precious balloon might be confiscated by a Cast Member!

disney world balloons

Does Disney replace popped balloons?

They certainly do replace popped Disney balloons!

If your balloon pops while you’re inside the parks and you still have your receipt, then your balloon will be replaced no questions asked.

And if it deflates or gets damaged at any point, simply bring it back to the stand and a Cast Member will be happy to help.

Just please keep the receipt or you might face issues!

If you can’t get a specific balloon replacement, just head to City Hall where they’ll give you a voucher for a free balloon from any stall.

Can you reinflate a Disney balloon?

Once you’ve returned home, you can head to virtually any party store to reinflate your balloon.

And if you have a balloon pump at home – even better!

Just be aware that you’ll need to visit a party store if you want your Disney balloons refilled with helium!

How long do light-up balloons last?

Light-up Disney balloons last around as long as any other type and that’s between 3 and 6 weeks.

What are Disney Balloons made of?

The regular Disney balloons have a plastic outer shell and an interior balloon that’s made of latex.

The foil balloons are made from mylar and are slightly less durable.

How should I carry my Disney balloon around the parks?

If you’re giving the balloons to toddlers, you should tie them around their wrists or they’ll just let them float away.

Otherwise, tying it to a bag or stroller is a great idea that should keep it safe!

Can I take photos with Disney balloons?

Of course, you can take photos with Disney World balloons.

In fact, it’s encouraged!

My favorite place for snaps is in front of the castle at Magic Kingdom as the colors are just wonderful.

If you’re traveling as a couple, it’s worth asking a Cast Member or another family to take the photograph for you.

Selfies just don’t capture the magic of Disney World balloons!

It’s also a great idea to use a few Disney apps to keep an eye on queue times. This should let you get a photograph in front of the castle with slightly fewer crowds.

There you have it: the ultimate guide to Disney balloons that answers all your questions!

Have you ever bought Disney World balloons? Did you think they were worth it? Did they last for a long time? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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