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17 Things to Do at Disney World In the Rain: + Top Tips!

February 5, 2023

Have you been looking for amazing things to do at Disney World in the rain? Read ahead for my top suggestions that’ll keep you dry (and sane!) when the weather takes a turn.

So, you’ve finally arrived at Disney World and are ready to have the vacation of dreams.

But then, you feel it – those pesky droplets of rain that turn into a total downpour!

Although rain at Disney World can be a bummer, there’s no need to let Orlando’s weather put a damper on your trip.

And that’s because there are so many incredible things to do at Disney World in the rain!

From indoor shows and attractions to special character meets and dining opportunities, I’ve put together a bumper list of activities that you’ll love.

Whether you’re visiting for the first time or are a regular parkgoer looking for new ideas to battle the rain, I’ve got you covered.

Oh, and I’ll also fill you in on a few top tips that’ll help you survive the worst of the weather!

Now let’s dive in.

How Often Does it Rain At Disney World?

It’s not an exact science, but it’s said to rain for approximately 75 days of the year in Orlando!

Now that’s a lot of water.

Do People Go to Disney World in the Rain?

People certainly DO go to Disney World in the rain!

Although walking around soaked isn’t always fun, most of the rides will run as normal. So, the wetter weather shouldn’t impact your day.

Just be warned that you’ll need to rejig your plans slightly if it rains at Disney World to avoid getting wet!

What is the Rainiest Month at Disney World?

On average, the rainiest months at Disney World are June and July when you’ll totally need to pack a poncho.

But it’s worth knowing that the official rainy season in Orlando runs between June and September.

The rain isn’t usually super intense, but you’ll want to be prepared with rain gear as droplets can fall at a moment’s notice.

Photo Credit: agius/Andrew Evans – Flickr

What to Wear (and Bring!) to Disney World When It Rains

When it rains at Disney World, it pours.

So, you’ll want to make sure you bring a few crucial items with you to weather the storm (literally!).


A reusable plastic poncho is the most important thing you can have if you’re visiting Disney in the rain.

Not only will it keep you dry while you’re walking around, but it’ll stop you from getting a wet butt on rides!

If you don’t have a poncho, a rain jacket or umbrella works too. Just be warned that umbrellas can be quite cumbersome around the parks.

Oh, and make sure you buy your ponchos BEFORE YOUR TRIP as they’re overpriced on Disney property.

Seriously, you can pay anywhere from $10 to $13 depending on the size you’re buying.

Stroller cover

If you’re visiting Disney World with toddlers or babies, a stroller cover is a must-bring item for those rainy days.

Whether you’re renting a stroller at Disney or bringing your own, a stroller cover will keep things dry.

If you’re bringing a double stroller, it’s wise to purchase the right cover size to avoid one kiddo getting wet.

Many covers also zip up to completely protect your child which can be super useful if the rain is torrential.

Appropriate footwear

There’s absolutely nothing worse than having wet feet – seriously.

To avoid getting your feet wet while walking around Disney World in the rain, wear the right shoes!

There’s no strict rule about what shoes are best for Disney, but I always recommend waterproof sneakers or boots. They’ll be sturdy enough to protect your feet and won’t get your socks wet!

Also, they should have a decent grip that’ll stop you from slipping as you walk around the parks.

If you’re really worried about your shoes and socks, pop a spare pair in your park bag to change into.

Shoe covers

Speaking of footwear, you can reduce your chances of wet feet with some cheap shoe covers!

They cover the entire base and top of your shoes (like a shower cap) and will make your shoes totally waterproof.

They might not look cool, but you’ll be grateful for them when it rains.


If you’re coming to Disney World with a stroller, it’s a good idea to keep a couple of larger towels around.

This will help you dry off after wet rides, but it’ll also be a godsend during downpours.

If you don’t want to cart larger towels around, a couple of hand towels shoved in your Disney backpack will work!


If you’re bringing food into Disney, I always recommend packing everything in a cooler.

And it’s even more practical if it’s raining!

The cooler should keep your food fresh and cool while protecting it from the rain (goodbye, soggy sandwiches!).

If you don’t want to carry a cooler, a few Ziploc bags or a hefty amount of plastic wrap should protect your food.

Best Things to Do at Disney World in the Rain

1: Catch the Rainy Day Cavalcade

The Rainy Day Cavalcade is something that only runs when it’s raining (hence the name!).

It’s designed to replace the regular afternoon parade in the event of wet weather and shows the characters under cover.

Whether that’s on a covered float or a motorcar, your favorite face and fur characters will be shielded from the rain!

It’s not as long as a traditional parade, but it’s a good consolation prize if you can’t catch the main one.

If you’re watching Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire, this might also be changed slightly to accommodate the bad weather.

2: Take photographs at amazing spots (that are usually overrun!)

It might sound like one of the weirder things to do in Disney World in the rain, but I love heading to popular photo spots!

As most guests will be seeking shelter, you can head to Main Street for castle shots or get amazing snaps at Galaxy’s Edge.

WITHOUT people cramping your style in the background!

Obviously, it won’t be the most Instagram-worthy shot in the world if you’re soaking.

But if you’re quick, you can get some seriously excellent photos that you wouldn’t be able to score in dry weather.

Plus, you’ll get cool reflections from the wet ground that can look artsy if you’re a decent photographer!

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3: Check out indoor rides and shows (or embrace the wet!)

If you’re looking for things to do at Disney World in the rain, I recommend heading to the indoor rides!

You can certainly embrace the wet weather by taking advantage of lower ride times for big-ticket rides. But I’m not a fan of squelchy shoes and clothes sticking to my body.

So, I’ll usually head to indoor shows or ride lines that’ll keep me dry.

If you want to know what rides you can check out to stay dry or get wet, here are my top picks:

Magic Kingdom

Other indoor attractions include:

  • Carousel of Progress
  • Enchanted Tiki Room
  • Hall of Presidents
  • Haunted Mansion
  • It’s a Small World
  • Character Meet and Greets
  • Peter Pan’s Flight
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Space Mountain
  • Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid


Other indoor attractions include:

  • Frozen Ever After
  • Impressions de France
  • Gran Fiesta Tour
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind
  • Meet Anna and Elsa
  • Turtle Talk with Crush
  • Living with the Land
  • Journey Into Imagination with Figment
  • The Sea with Nemo & Friends
  • Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Hollywood Studios

Other indoor attractions include:

  • Disney Junior Play and Dance!
  • A Frozen Singalong Celebration
  • Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy
  • Meet Mickey and Minnie
  • Muppet*Vision 3D
  • Star Tours
  • Star Wars Launch Bar
  • Meet Sulley
  • Meet Olaf

Animal Kingdom

Other indoor attractions include:

  • Flight of Passage
  • It’s Tough to be a Bug!
  • Finding Nemo: The Big, Blue, and Beyond!

4: Head to the restaurants

Next on my list of the best things to do at Disney World in the rain – it’s a visit to the many restaurants onsite!

This makes it super easy to head back to the parks if the weather clears up.

You can either head to the many quick-service stops at any of the main parks or extend the experience with table service.

If you really want to make the most of the bad weather, take advantage of Disney World character dining!

Although you’ll usually need to book these experiences months in advance, some people will cancel reservations when it rains.

This isn’t guaranteed, but you may be able to score hard-to-find reservations on the day.

It’s worth stopping by the restaurant and inquiring in person, but you can also hop on Stakeout. This is one of the best Disney apps around that tells you as soon as dining reservations are available.

You may even get a coveted spot at Cinderella’s Royal Table in Magic Kingdom if you’re lucky!

5: Check out Disney Springs

There are so many incredible things to do in Disney Springs that are completely indoors.

Whether you want to escape the rain with an amazing breakfast or love the nearby stores, you can spend hours here exploring.

Not only can you head into the enormous World of Disney, but there are tons of smaller merch stores to check out.

And if you don’t want to spend any cash, there are lots of free things to do in Disney Springs too!

Oh, and did I mention that there’s a huge AMC movie theatre here that’s perfect for escaping the weather for a couple of hours?


Image Credit: Rennett Stowe Via Flickr

6: Go for a massage or facial

If you’re on the hunt for amazing things to do at Disney World in the rain, I’ve got a doozy for you.

You might not know this, but there are actually several top-notch spas in Disney World that offer excellent services.

From massages to facials and pedicures, you can pamper yourself while the rain pours.

I’ve always adored Saratoga Springs and Senses at the Grand Floridian, but you can’t go wrong with any onsite spas.

If you want to save a few dollars, I suggest heading to one of the off-site locations as they’re usually less busy too!

7: Ride the monorail

I’m always up for riding the monorail (even when it’s not raining!).

There are several Disney resorts on the monorail that are worth visiting including the Grand Floridian, Contemporary, and Polynesian.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to visit these glorious hotspots for some pampering, it’s one of the best things to do at Disney World in the rain!

If you want to push the boat out, you can even book dining reservations at one of the hotels.

8: Watch the fireworks from a safe spot

If it’s getting late and you want to avoid the wet, you’ll want to check out the next item on my list of things to do at Disney World in the rain.

It’s watching the fireworks from a sheltered indoor spot!

I recommend heading to the Contemporary Resort as it offers spectacular views of the fireworks from indoors.

You’ll need to head to the designated walkway between the Contemporary and Bay Lake Towers. But it’s worth the trek for an indoor view of the nighttime spectacular.

Better yet, the resort makes sure the music from the show is transferred through so you don’t miss a beat!

To be honest, this is one of my top things to do at Disney World period if you don’t want to stick around for the fireworks each night.

9: Visit the stores

If you want to stay inside the parks and hope the rain blows over, it’s worth hopping between merchandise stores.

There are several different stores around Disney Springs (if you don’t mind leaving).

But I prefer heading into the offerings on Main Street in Magic Kingdom and around Animal Kingdom if I’m nearby.

You can usually kill an hour or so doing this, making it one of the best things to do at Disney World in the rain.

Just be careful if you’re on a tight budget – you’ll be very tempted.

10: Check out the Disney hotels

Believe it or not, there are over 30 hotels around Disney property that you can explore during your visit.

So, I just had to add resort hopping to my list of things to do at Disney World in the rain!

You can easily head to the monorail resorts as I mentioned previously. But there’s no harm in heading to more relaxed spots like Pop Century or Art of Animation if you’re into heavy theming.

You’ll usually need to use Ubers, cars, or buses to reach anywhere that’s not on the monorail.

But it’s worth the effort if you’re heading to any of the deluxe resorts. And that’s because they usually offer activities to kids (that don’t even stay there!).

If you don’t feel like taking part in activities, you can stop for a bite to eat or pick up a cocktail at the hotel bars.

It’s an ideal way to kill some time without wearing yourself out, making it one of the best things to do at Disney World in the rain!

11: Explore the World Showcase

If you’re planning to visit EPCOT, then add the World Showcase to your list of things to do at Disney World in the rain.

Not only is most of it under cover (phew!), but it’s an exciting thing to tick off in any kind of weather!

While you’re here, you can tick off indoor activities like the Gran Fiesta Tour, Frozen Ever After, Reflections of China, and Impressions de France.

All of these attractions are indoors, so you don’t need to worry about the rain.

It’s worth noting that these spots will be infinitely busier than if it’s not raining. But you should still be able to hop on rides as some guests will have fled to their hotels!

Just be warned that you’ll want to keep your ponchos on as you might get slightly wet as you move across the map.

12: Chill out in your hotel room

I’m going to level with you.

Sometimes one of the best things to do at Disney World in the rain is to retreat back to your hotel room.

I always suggest taking regular breaks if you’re traveling with little ones (which is why I’ve written about the best hotels for toddlers at Disney World!).

But even if you’re visiting Disney World as adults without kids, taking a breather during the afternoon can be awesome.

Whether you want to splurge on pizza delivery to your resort or just want to vegetate for a few hours, you’ll avoid the rain FOR SURE.

If you’re planning to go back to your room, it’s a good idea to set a time limit to return to the parks.

This way, you can still try out a few rides without writing off the whole day for poor weather.

13: Meet characters

If you haven’t booked any character dining at Disney World, you should head to meeting points while it’s raining!

The queues should be shorter, but there’s usually a backup plan in place that shelters characters from the poor weather.

So, not only should you stay dry while meeting characters (though not in the queues!), but you’ll be waiting for less time!

Plus, Disney tends to send out characters more often during rainy periods to appease guests.

So, it’s a great chance to seize your moment (as Ernesto De La Cruz from Coco would say!).

14: Go inside the EPCOT ball

Have you ever wondered what’s inside the EPCOT ball?

Well, why not figure it out while you’re sheltering from the storm outside?

If you didn’t know, there’s actually a ride inside the EPCOT ball called Spaceship Earth.

It essentially covers the creation of modern science from way back when and is an interesting way to spend 20 minutes.

Plus, the queue times are never too bad. So, it’s a great way to kill time if you’re caught in shorter showers of rain.

15: Ride the Skyliner

Next on my list of the best things to do at Disney World in the rain – it’s the Skyliner!

Although it might be closed if the rain gets extremely heavy, you should get awesome views of EPCOT from up here.

You can hop on from Hollywood Studios to the Caribbean Beach Resort or get on at EPCOT if you prefer.

Not only is it free, but it’s a great way to resort-hop if you’re interested in hitting those unique bars and restaurants!

16: Bring little ones to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique

Whether you’re traveling with pre-teens or little tykes, they’ll adore the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique.

You’ll technically need to book a slot at the locations in the Grand Floridian and Disney Springs.

But I’ll say that you might be able to snag a walk-in if you’re extremely lucky. And hey – you might just be blessed with a sprinkling of pixie dust!

If you’ve never heard of this experience, it’s essentially a unique experience available to visitors between 3 and 12 years old.

It transforms them into princesses and princes and includes outfits, makeup, hair, and accessories!

It’s one of my all-time favorite things to do at Disney World in the rain for young kids as it’s so memorable.

And you can snap photographs of the experience for your memory book too!

Just be warned that the experience is expensive. So, prepare to pull out your credit card for that eye-watering bill!

Image Credit: www.instagram.com/ jendwishesandwizardstravel

17: Visit the water parks

When it rains at Disney World, why not embrace it and head to the water parks?

These parks will close if there’s any lightning nearby. But if it’s just rain, you’ll be good to enjoy Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach!

As you’ll be getting wet anyway, it’s a great workaround that means you’ll still have tons of fun.

It also helps that few people will visit the water parks when it’s raining (they prefer cooling down in the sun!).

So, the queues will be short and you won’t feel frustrated trying to find shelter.

It’s a win-win if you ask me!

How Do You Survive a Rainy Day at Disney World: Top Tips!

Always be prepared

There’s literally nothing worse than being stuck in a downpour without any rain gear.

So, I always suggest bringing ponchos, umbrellas, stroller covers, and shoe covers along on every Disney day!

This should keep your clothing protected and help you avoid getting in a bad mood when it rains.

Be patient and flexible

I get that having to change your plans for the weather can be frustrating.

But I don’t think I’ve ever had a Disney vacation that went 100% to plan.

Whether queue times were too long or I couldn’t book a reservation that I wanted, it’s so important to stay flexible.

And who knows, you might just discover something new that you didn’t think of trying when it rains!

Time toddler naps carefully

If you’re traveling to Disney World with toddlers, you’ll probably be working naps into your schedule.

Although you might not want to mess up your plan too much, it’s a good idea to rejig their naptime to when it’s raining.

This means you’ll miss minimal park time and they’ll still get to rest up!

Take advantage of lockers

Don’t want to worry about your stuff getting wet? Store your stuff in one of the Disney World lockers!

I often put large bags in here as they’re too cumbersome to haul around.

But you can also use them to protect your precious cargo (like merch!) if you’re worried about rain damage.


Does Disney World shut down for rain?

Unless there’s a weather emergency like a hurricane, Disney World will remain open when it rains. Seriously, the Happiest Place on Earth is a certified 365-day-a-year spot!

Does Disney World refund for rain?

Sadly, you won’t be able to get your money back if it rains as Disney has an extremely strict refund policy. Plus, they’re still offering the same services when it rains as virtually no rides or shows will be canceled.

Is Disney World less crowded when it rains?

You’ll usually find fewer visitors at Disney World when it rains as people tend to clear out to restaurants or hotels. This means you’ll benefit from shorter queue times at character meets and rides!

Can you still ride rides at Disney World if it rains?

You sure can! Almost all Disney World rides stay open when it rains. The only exception is Test Track which occasionally closes in bad weather.

Which Disney Park is best for rainy days?

As there’s so much inside, I recommend beelining for EPCOT when it rains.

Not only can you eat and drink around the world, but there are several indoor attractions for toddlers and adults alike.

I’ve actually spent entire days indoors at EPCOT!

And hey, you can always head into one of the many restaurants at Disney World if you need to shelter from the storm.

Are there still parades at Disney World when it rains?

In theory – yes, there are still parades at Disney World when it rains.

But there may be cancellations or amendments to the parades if the weather is seriously averse.

For example, the Festival of Fantasy and park cavalcades are occasionally canceled when it’s raining as character costumes may get ruined.

Otherwise, parades are usually designed with Orlando’s wet weather in mind.

If there are genuine storms, you should expect the parades to be canceled and replaced with a £Rainy Day Cavalcade.

This essentially replaces the usual parade and lets you see your favorite characters under cover!

You’ll also spot Cast Members wearing protective rain gear and holding a sign that says: “Rainy Day Cavalcade”.

Are there still fireworks at Disney World when it rains?

Yes, there will still be fireworks at Disney unless there’s a serious storm brewing.

The most that will happen is the nighttime show running in a modified format without as many fireworks.

Is Disney World Transport affected when it rains?

The Skyliner sometimes closes if there’s bad weather. But this usually open happens if there’s lightning or seriously heavy rain.

When it comes to Friendship Boats, they will also stop during bad weather to protect guests and Cast Members.

Transportation like buses and monorails usually keep running though – so you shouldn’t be stranded!

I hope that this list of things to do at Disney World in the rain has been useful!

As you can see, you’ll still be able to have an awesome day at Disney World when the weather isn’t on your side.

Do you have any other suggestions for things to do at Disney World in the rain? I’d love to hear all about them in the comments below.

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